“Alanti Sitralu” Review: Hyperlinked drama follows a four-character trip

Four people with different lifestyles meet another person who will change them forever. What life has to offer in the end is the story of Alanati Sitralu.

Anthologies are usually fun, and Alanati Sitralu is one such experience.

However, this film fails to present a compelling story or tell it engagingly. Dilip (Legal Yendamuri) loses his wife in a group war. He wants to give up hooliganism and offer his daughter a better life. Raag (Yash Puri) is an ambitious 23-year-old guitarist who doesn’t know what the future holds and how to deal with it.

He is carefree and bonded with s*x worker Palavi (Sveta Parashar). Iasi (Ajay Katurwar) is a boxer who wants to excel in the sport. But is constrained by his characteristics.

The way the four characters are presented is exciting, and you want to see where life takes them. You only invest a moment because you quickly realize the answer is – nowhere – and production becomes tedious.

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Director Supreet C Krishna weaves the threads that connect the characters in cruel ways, which doesn’t matter to the overall plot. Alanati Sitralu is more than just telling stories. He tries to preach as much as possible.

For starters, the film tries to normalize bonds with s*x workers and respect for a father who has an additional marital relationship. When Raag bonded with Palavi, he didn’t know why he did it other than spending time with him. Naughty also enjoy his company as he rarely shows such affection.

But instead of making such a delicate story enjoyable, the way the film unfolds doesn’t help invest in the characters. Even when adversity arises in their life. Not enough is done to provoke your compassion.

Out of all the characters, Supreet seems to get along with Iasi.

The way the character is portrayed is impressive. As is the way he reacts to situations. When Iash tries to persuade the father of the girl. He loves to marry, he is rejected because of his mother’s beliefs and wishes. The climax, however, is disappointment without surprises.

He applied to the College of Film and Media in Annapurna, Hyderabad. They were studying scripting and directing opened up new perspectives for him. “I was blown away by the technical expertise involved in making the film. At home, my parents were skeptical. They are academics and their fears are justified. But if I hadn’t taken the risk in my early twenties, I probably wouldn’t have taken it later. “

When he decides to write and direct a feature film, he enlists the help of film advisor and journalist K Raghavendra Reddy, who takes him to producer Rahul Reddy. “When we started working, it all came together. I have known crew members Ashwath Shivakumar (editor and sound designer), Karthik Saikumar (cameraman) and Santhu Omkar (music composer) for several years,” Supreeth said.

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Applications for his films came after auditions, and he selected actors after auditions. “Involving s*x workers is the hardest part,” said Supri. Eventually, he joined Delhi-based Swetha Parashar, who had worked in theatre productions. The cast goes through a preparatory workshop before the film premieres.

The team was working on post-production at Annapurna Studios in mid-2020. When it was not officially closed after closing. And preparing for its premiere in summer 2021. The second wave of COVID-19 required a change of plans, and Alanti Sitralu is now looking at the digital edition.