“Dilli Kaand” Review: The Damn Hamster That Doesn’t Justify the Nirbaya Story

Dilli Kaand” is a fictional story about a horrific r*pe case in Delhi that rocked the country. The film tells the gruesome story of r*pe, investigation, and victim death, which profoundly affects the nation’s collective conscience.

This film is actually about the Nirbhaya case:

But it’s of no use to anyone. It seems more like a genuine attempt to win a sensational case. By clumsily collecting hamsters which is outrageous, to say the least. “Dilli Kaand” was sorely lacking in all aspects of filmmaking. It started with an announcer introducing the victim with photos of her walking down the hill to her campus.

Here some Lafang try to freshen up with him. And the movie “hero” (if you can call it) comes to his aid. What follows are encounters made to death, sweet moments where all the clichés are firmly entrenched.

The forgetful tunes keep popping up between them until the time comes for the most critical crime scene. Which is perhaps the only sequence that makes an impact in this depressing film. Meeting the gang r*pe of a defenceless young girl and assaulting her lover is brutal. And the fact that this is a true story tickles your spine. As you watch humanity sink to its lowest levels.

Screenwriter and director Critic Kumar’s debut film just got worse from here until he returned. In this fictional tale of India’s most gruesome r*pe and murder. A reporter is seen in and out of hospitals at will. Questioning star witnesses instead of the police. And casually appearing at local press conferences to threaten a political politician as to who he is. No, it does its job well. Hell, it even reminded the stupid investigator of the main witness. Who was in the same hospital as the r*pe victim. Almost everyone here seems to be vying to act negligently. But the winner is the film’s “hero,” Sam Sundanda, who plays Summer.

From blank expressions to weak dialogue and annoying dance moves to unfortunate actions:

The man always seems to be on edge. The girls did a little better. Kashvi Kanchan as Alishka can be unintentionally funny at times. But she does her best in assault scenes, making her lose a bit. A passionate news reporter, Pretika Chauhan, who plays Ria Batra, is very confident.

But in the end, they all cater to a recklessly and hastily devised scenario. That pokes fun at the evil in such a way that the spine freezes. Without conviction, the actors utter ancient film dialogues like “tumhare ghar mein maa behen nahi hai kya” and “kanoon ko apne haath mein mat lo”. And many of them weren’t even dubbed, like the editing of the film.

All in all, “Dilli Kaand” is a lazy film that seems to have only been made to take advantage. Especially of the Delhi crime scene rather than give you a meaningful overview of the case. The film ends with a photo on a poster that reads “Justice for Alishka”. But that certainly doesn’t confirm Nirbhaya’s story.

“With this film we are also trying to convey the message. That people should speak up against harassment, r*pe or violence against women. People don’t come to help. “

Producer/director critic Kumar also said it took 6-7 months to censor the film.

The censor board asked me to save ra*e scenes for 4 minutes. While there was a 12-minute scene in my movie. Then many scenes were cut and saved a 9-minute scene.

Produced under the Fashion Parade Films banner, the film is co-produced by 21st Century Arts. Southern actress Kashvi Kanchan played the role of a girl who became a victim of gang r*pe. Shaahbaz Baweja plays a challenging rap*st role in the film. Virender Saxena plays the father of the girl who is r*ped in the film. While TV actress Preetika Chauhan plays a journalist.