Relive the 1920’s as AMC Braces to Reopen the Cinema Theatres with a Surprise

Movie lovers in the US have a reason to celebrate, as the world’s biggest movie theatre chain is ready to reopen their theaters. After five months, AMC is ready to start its operations with a surprise. You can now satisfy your movie buff at a price reminiscent of the 1920’s – 15 cents a ticket. The news may sound unbelievable, but AMC is celebrating their centennial with a special discount.

The ride to the past will not end at ticket pricing only, though. As no new movies are releasing currently, AMC will hold the release of classic films like Inception, Back to the Future, Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, etc. Moreover, the popcorn will also cost only $5 till October.  

More than 600 theaters of AMC are waiting for the orders from the government to open their gates for customers. However, 100 ticket windows will hope to once again sign “Housefull” after their reopening on August 20. The step is the first phase of reopening, which will precede the restart of the 2/3rd theaters of the AMC chain on September 3. AMC also hopes to take advantage of jumping on the hype wagon of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” which awaits its release on the same day. 

Moviegoers’ safety is also a matter of concern currently for AMC and the government. For the first phase of restart, AMC is making amends to their ventilation systems and lowering the capacity. Social distancing will be the top priority, and wearing a mask will be mandatory for every guest. Moreover, after the centennial anniversary celebrations, other theatres will open only after the government’s orders. But many movie lovers will have a new breath of life after the reopening of theaters this month.


AMC is officially back now. Sticking to their promise, AMC’s first show of Vin Diesel’ Bloodshot rerelease was available at 15 cents a ticket. The lights of 113 locations of AMC are back on after five months of break. The number of audience was unlike the standard days. However, given the current situation, the number of people outside the theaters were still satisfactory. A sense of joy was visible on the faces of movie lovers.

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Employees of AMC are taking safety standards very seriously. Masks are the “new normal” now and rightly so. Moreover, the 1920’s pricing trick worked like a charm to bring the audience back. If there were no case of social distancing, the halls would have been packed to a greater extent. After AMC, Regal cinemas are also readying their cinemas for similar practices to reopen. We hope that other businesses will also follow the same suit slowly to open their doors. However, safety protocols should be the top priority to keep things hygienic enough to keep the spike of COVID-19 in check.