Kamala Harris and Mike Pence Ready for the Vice Presidential Face-Off in October

The stage for the debate of the Vice Presidential candidates is set for a fiery contest in October. Election commission’s announcement comes after the decision of Joe Biden to choose California Senator Kamala Harris as his mate for the upcoming election. Salt Lake City will witness the face-off between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on October 7. 

The expectations from the event are sky-high as the former prosecutor, Kamala Harris, is known for her courtroom-like debate skills. She effortlessly tears down her opponent as we saw in July when she was aiming for the presidential ticket against her current partner Joe Biden. On the other hand, Mike Pence stays calm under pressure and retorts using witty comebacks. A glimpse of his ability to remain persistent was seen in the last election’s debate against Tim Kaine. He can use the experience of participating in a national debate to prepare for the upcoming contest of words. 

Both the vice presidential candidates will debate only once; however, the presidential candidates will participate in three debates. Joe Biden has made a masterclass move by choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate. The California Senator was one of the frontrunners in the presidential race until her funding ran out. She is a staunch critic of Donald Trump and his policies. Her outspoken nature was on display in her debate with Biden in July when she cornered him on various issues, including racial grounds. Former President Barack Obama has also shown support to Biden’s decision to pick Harris as his second-in-command. Kamala Harris’s political experience and sharp debating skills will boost Democrats’ chances in the elections. 

Before the Pence vs. Harris event on October 7, Cleveland will witness the first presidential debate on September 29. The two final contests will take place in Miami and Nashville on October 15 and October 22, respectively.


The wait is over for the acceptance speech of Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. The Indian-American senator’s speech proves that she is the right candidate to help Joe Biden’s campaign. The craft and careful choice of words make her an indispensable choice for the party. Coincidentally, her acceptance speech day follows the US celebrates the centennial of the 19th amendment ratification.  It is also a matter of pride for Kamala Harris that she is the first woman of color to get the nomination as a Vice President. If Joe Biden wins the election, she will be the first woman to take the office of the Vice President of the US. Kamala Harris is indeed one of the most intelligent politicians in the country, and people are hopeful that her support will make things easier for Joe Biden.

She was already boasting of a massive support during her run as the Presidential candidate. However, the race remains a dream now because of a lack of funds. Her acceptance speech was full of energy and a new hope. Moreover, there was no mention of the rivals or any other stray jibe. She kept things simple and straight forward. We now wait for the Vice Presidential debate to witness her skills as a proper candidate.