Former Tesla Engineer’s Company Announces EV with 500 Miles Range

Electric vehicle manufacturing company Lucid is designing a car with the longest possible range for electric cars. It is worth noting that the CEO of Lucid, Peter Rawlinson, is a former engineer of EV giants Tesla Motors. Before joining Lucid Motors Inc, Peter was the vice president of engineering at Tesla till 2013. He is now using his master skills to compete with Tesla and hopefully overtaking them with the Lucid Air. Set to launch in September this year, Lucid Air aims for at least 517 miles of EPA-rating for range. In comparison, Tesla’s highest offering is the Model S Long Range Plus, which claims to run 402 miles on a single charge. 

Lucid Air is the first offering from the company known for delivering EV batteries since 2007. The battery business by Lucid Motors is now running by the name of Atieva and currently focuses on Formula E cars. Lucid Air has an elegant design to make it suitable for people in business and everyday buyers alike. However, their direct competitors are not carmakers like Volkswagen, Audi, and Ford; they are only tackling Tesla Motors. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Lucid Motors will keep the specs of their car, similar to Tesla Model S. 

We are expecting a high voltage 900-Volt system to power the car’s internals. The current high-performance king in the market Porsche Taycan boasts of an 800-Volt system. Moreover, Lucid Motors claims that Lucid Air can accelerate from 0-60 miles/hour in just 2.5 seconds. It’s still a matter of testing whether that boost will affect the final range of the car or not. We are eagerly waiting for the September 9 launch of Lucid Air for our complete review of this new beast in the EV market. 


In a new update, Lucid is here with a feature that will make their vehicle the most desirable EV ever. Lucid Air is coming with bi-directional charging. The unique function means that you can store energy in your car to power your house. In case of power outage, you can plug your vehicle to provide emergency power to home appliances. If this isn’t futuristic, we don’t know what else is. Imagine going on a camping trip, and using your car to light up your tent. It’s like using a power bank that you can drive.

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Moreover, the bi-directional charging also makes Lucid Air the fastest charging EV. You can also charge other EVs with your Lucid Air. The exciting update from the Tesla rivals is bringing excitement in the market. Tesla is usually the front-runner in most new advancements. However, they need to step up their technology to match Lucid’s ultra-futuristic offering now. The throne of the best EV has a new rival, and Tesla should be troubled.