Ford Will Make Ventilators for GE Joining General Motors

Ford is the latest automaker company to announce that it will start making needed ventilators. That is crucial for treating the COVID-19. The Ford automaker announced on Monday that it will manufacture ventilators for General Electric’s health care division. Which has licensed a simple design that does not need electricity? From a Florida ventilator company called Airon. Ford has already been working with GE to increase the production of its own ventilators. It will soon start helping Airon to increase the company’s production capacity in Florida. Ford is also making masks and protective hoods for health care workers.
Ford will initially send a team of engineers to help boost production at Airon’s Florida facility. Where it produces three of its Airon Model ventilators per day. Ford will also begin to ready its own Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti. Michigan for large-scale production of the Airon Model A-E ventilator that expected to begin on April 20. Ford also gives a statement, “That it will pay 500 United Auto Workers, who have volunteered to work at the factory. Ford has suspended production of its vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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Ford joins fellow Detroit automaker Normal Motors in serving to make ventilators. That anticipated to be briefly provided because of the variety of COVID-19 instances. It continues to rise within the US and around the globe. GM introduced on Friday that it’ll begin manufacturing ventilators in April on behalf of Ventec Life Techniques. Hours earlier than President Trump introduced he was invoking. The Korean Conflict era Protection Manufacturing to power the automaker to assist with the scarcity.

In response to the necessity for ventilators. Also to the financial effect of the pandemic, a lot of employees in GE’s aviation division determined to stop work on Monday. To protest cuts the corporate has made. The union employees are known as on the corporate to allow them to make ventilators as an alternative. GE Healthcare is already a big producer of ventilators.

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