Baltimore Explosion Levels Three Row Houses – One Dead and Rescue Underway for Injured

Just five days after Beirut’s disheartening event, USA’s Baltimore suffers a gas explosion. There are reports of loss of one woman’s life and injury to at least five other people as we write the news. A blast in the gas line is the cause of the destruction, leaving three houses reduced to rubble and severe damage to surrounding houses. One of those houses belong to an 88-year old veteran who is thankfully safe. Firefighters are working tirelessly to rescue people from the debris. So far, the rescue of five people is successful, and more will follow expectedly.  All the rescued people are in critical condition and need immediate medical attention.

The blast near the Labyrinth and Reisterstown Roads is under investigation now. Fire Chief Ford was mentioning that finding the reason for the explosion is the top priority. Moreover, the mid-day conditions are not friendly for the firefighters. The summer heat of August is making 90-degrees feel like 100-degree. The debris is making it harder to find and rescue people. Reporting the blast, a tweet from Baltimore Firefighters IAFF Local 734 read,” Several houses exploded. At least 5 people trapped, some children. A Collapse Response and Second Alarm has been called.”

Every step is under close monitoring, and the firefighters expect to rescue more people from the rubble. So far, representatives from Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) are also present in the area to report the event. The gas supply is also off for the time being to keep other houses safe. It is crucial to assess the equipment of BGE to understand the cause of the gas explosion. We will keep updating the detailed reports that will come in the days to follow. 


The investigation for the probable cause of the explosion is complete. The pipes and equipment of the gas company were found in the perfect state. Therefore, the blame is not on the gas company. Baltimore Gas and Electric Company can now take a sigh of relief. The service of BGE is now guilt-free as the residents demand in-depth investigation to understand the cause. With no trace of a gas leak and electrical fault, the cause of the explosion is now a mystery.

Moreover, a statement from the office of the Fire Department of Baltimore confirms that further investigation will follow. During a yearly assessment, the pipes and equipments were working accurately in 2019 also. Therefore, the explosions will remain a mysterious case.

The only possible explanation remains the negligence of one of the residents. However, it is not possible to point the finger at any particular person. The restoration work is now complete, and we can only offer our condolences to those who suffered a loss in the unfortunate event.