Some Texas Movie Theaters Reopen With “Airport Security-Style Check-In”

Various Texas undertakings, which including restaurants, malls, and movie theaters, started to reopen. They are opening on Friday in reply to Governor Greg Abbott’s adjustment to make the state’s stay-at-home order terminate. Influential cinema chains have remained restricted, but some smaller multiplexes have decided to open — including increased safety standards in place. 

EVO Entertainment CEO Mitchell Roberts told Variety that it intends to open two of its multiplexes with “airport security-style check-in.” He told the company’s “focus is on earning that customer confidence back.” The reopen EVO multiplexes will enable customers to enter through an isolated section. And will be question if anyone in their family has had virus signs, Roberts said to Variety.

Customers will also test for an infrared temperature screening.

And anyone with a temperature over 100.4 points will be turn away. Following an executive order approved by Abbott on April 28, companies are urged to support the “minimum standard health protocols” advised by Texas’ Health Department, including social distancing. 

“Individuals are encourage to wear appropriate face coverings. But no jurisdiction can impose a civil or criminal penalty for failure to wear a face covering,” the regulation states. 

Texas permit to “operate at up to 25 percent of the total listed occupancy of any individual theater for any screening.” If the state surveys two weeks of data without any COVID-19 flare-ups. Businesses permitted to expand that capacity to 50%. The latest data from Austin research firm Kickstand Communications reveals.

While people may return to markets, the identical may not be right of movie halls. According to Kickstand, 15% of Austin citizens told they intend to quickly return to shopping at standalone retail shops, including 87% said they’ll return in the month. Santikos Entertainment, a movie multiplex chain based in San Antonio, has opened three of its nine places at 25% capability, Variety reports. 


“We do not take these responsibilities lightly,” the organization CEO told in a report posted to its website. “We have been working diligently on safety protocols that will make Santikos a model. Not just for theaters, but for all businesses on how to open responsibly.”

Similarly EVO, Santikos told it will further investigate all clients. If they or anyone they are in close contact with has undergone any COVID-19 symptoms.