“Reflection of You” Review: A Korean drama where an artist reveals himself when the past comes back to haunt him

Netflix has long been home to many Korean solid dramas. From Kingdom and Mr Sunshine to Signal and Emergency Landing on You. The latest is Reflection of You, a new series that releases new episodes every week for its first 16 episodes.

Oh, and a really little show called the Squid Game. Have you heard of him? With the great success of the shows like Squid Game, we will likely see more K-Dramas targeting this platform.

Hyun-Jung Go thought a lot about hell; he felt like he lived in it.

When we actually meet him for the first time. We see a vague flashback (or a flash of lightning ahead?!) of how blood splattered on the family portrait. And he grabbed a heavy object and dropped it into the water. There is a secret he keeps, something that prevents him from enjoying the life he has built.

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Things start to get weird when he is called to the hospital. After his little daughter Li-Sa (Su-an Kim) is attacked by a teacher and tears her eardrum. Even though when she seems to have it all. The two beautiful children, a loving husband, a beautiful home, and a successful artistic career – she seems to be after something.

Hee Joo soon discovers that the teacher is none other than Hae Won (Shin Hyun Bin). A friend from the past who seems to be just a ghost of her turbulent past. Hee Joo confronts He Won about the incident. Which leads to more violence, but He Wong then visits his house to apologize correctly.

Despite his seemingly good intentions, Hee Joo sees through this act and is taken aback by the whole encounter. Hae Won is happy to have found Hee Joo. And now that he’s found her. We can only guess what to expect from the artist.

When a show begins with dark, dramatic flashbacks and a slightly disturbing:

The depressing narrative, you know something good awaits us. Your reflection wastes no time hooking us (literally like throwing a fishing rod into the water, actually). And we wonder who the real villains in this story are and what secrets may be hidden in the past – or the future.

A few tiny threads are made here; John Doe faints, visits by Hee Joo’s husband, who disappears. The tension between Hee Joo and her cold wealthy mother-in-law, and the use of pseudonyms by Hee Wong. These are all the things you want from a mysterious series. The stuff that keeps you guessing and you’re really not sure who you can trust.

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Apart from some scary scenes and exciting mysteries. The Reflection of You is not without soap moments. Which relying on the occasional goofy transition, using slow beats, or excellent performance.

However, everything fits into the world. And even the most unpleasant decisions make in the first part, “Someone Like You”, never seem to share. As one of the few episodes airing on the platform every week. Reflection of You has wisely abandoned a bit of ambition. And ensured viewers should join in next week to see how it goes.

Hee Joo stands in the middle of the street in shock:

When she realizes that He Wong didn’t come to apologize and that things might be scary. Shin Hyun Bin excels as He Won, the mysterious character at the centre of “Someone Like You”, who injures Li-Sa and returns to chase Hee Joo. She plays the quiet and restless woman with ease, frightening audiences.

When her explosive temper is unleashed and becoming an even greater mystery. When she meekly tries to “apologize” for her actions. Even though we only saw one episode and a few glimpses of Hae Won. It’s easy to see that it will be a big part of what Reflection of You does.

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It’s not a pilot, but the episode’s opening story is just a little bit on the nose. “I think about hell. Even though I’m alive, I think the world is hell.

Drawing from the first dark moments, Reflection of You creates a disturbing atmosphere. And creates many secrets that viewers must keep from week to week.