‘The Way of the Househusband Part 2’ Review: Anime from hyperbolic comedy, and occasional poetry

Netflix has released The Way of the Househusband Part 2, the ongoing anime story of a yakuza gangster named Tatsu, who gets married and loves his wife so much that he gives up a gun and a sword for a rolling pin and a rice pot. (Isn’t that like John Wick? Though Tatsu is more like a cat than a dog.) This “Love or Hate” visual style series.

I’m weird. He doesn’t love you – It is based on the million-selling manga:

First published in 2018. The first half of the season debuted in April 2021. Since then, Netflix has launched a live-action concept called “The Ingenuity of a Husband,” keeping the shape of the anime sketch collection intact. But no matter how you break this concept, it sure is stupid.

Chapter 31: Tatsu (Kenjiro Tsuda) sees delicious sausages at the supermarket and scares the employees. With his scary appearance when his wife Miku (Shizuka Ito) turns around. A cosplay drama from his favourite TV show, “Criminal Catch”, is right at the mall. He wanted to see a picture of the actress playing the character, so Tatsu stepped in to make sure that was the case.

Chapter 32: Tatsu’s maid Masa (Kazuyuki Okitsu) didn’t know a toaster when he saw it, so Tatsu described it as if it was an assault weapon they could use to steal drugs or something. They use it to make bread, but problems arise and Tatsu OVERFILL springs into action using the rice cooker as a TV master chef!!!!!!!

33: Tatsu gives his new neighbour barbecue lessons! 34: Miku takes Tatsu with her to a children’s amusement park, which she has never experienced since she grew up in the underworld! 35: Tatsu and Miku go to the beach and play volleyball while chanting the absurd names of their killer punches and spikes like anime action anime warriors! 36: Tatsu is studying how to make an apron made to order!!!

TWO in numbers: six sketches, 15 minutes, four excellent jokes, emo-poetic moments.

It’s a pretty decent result, although I was expecting an outstanding average of sketch jokes that I think to betray the main limitation of the show: its repetitive nature. How many laughs can you get from the premise of a lost house? It was amusing to see Tatsu stare at the poor delicacy as if he would kill him. What’s even funnier is that she names all of her wham-bang volleyball move after household items you can find in the Bed Bath and Beyond catalogue.

But how long can it take? We’ve got 150 SECOND minutes so far. No actual plot sequences other than a few jokes and a recurring character or two. It’s just a few days in the life of a changed man who still retains his old male manners. The key here lies in the slight variations in tone and simple character growth we see in theme park sketches.

This requires a different approach ending with a moment of contemplation by Tetsu and a series of quiet poetic scenes with no dialogue, cleverly contrasting the usual exploding outbursts. Can we see progress in Tatsu and Miku’s love and affection relationship? Will they have – CFSP – children? I hope! Let Master Mother be this stupid!

GIVE HIM gluten! You have to pull it out, pull it! This will make it entirely fluffy and moist. “- Tatsu bakes like Julia Child if Julia Child ever abused people. A Little Way Home Husband has come a long way, and the creators recognize this, hence the short wait time. Always fun and sometimes better than you’d expect.