‘The King’s Affection’ Review: K-Historical drama that boasts Swap Swap Switchero / gender plot

A dark and stormy night could be heard in the royal palace. It can also be pain and screaming. Birth! This is a prince! BUT WAIT – there’s more! And a princess too! And that is a tragedy. The king, who must have been a proud grandfather, called the girl an “abomination”. He only betrayed the prince because he existed. Wow, how superstitious and crude is our sexist age! Shetbird’s gloomy grandfather orders the newborn girl to be killed. Along with nearly everyone who knows she exists.

The King’s Assassins rushed to the Royal Maternity Directorate:

When the Royal Maternity Directorate defeated the armed forces. Why didn’t the Royal Maternity Directorate have armed security in such a case? They started a wholesale business with the massacre of nurses and maids, doctors and passers-by. And everyone who experienced the misfortune of caring for a small, helpless and very charming newborn.

But. When the main assassin arrived, they told him that the girl was dead. He stopped breathing, his mother insisted, and there the baby lay lifeless. The killer is gone, and what we know to be true is true – HE IS ALIVE. You pull the needle from the girl’s throat, and she starts breathing again.

How does it work, you have to ask yourself? No problem, be thankful he didn’t die! GALLOP GALLOP goes to the horse. CHOIR CHOIR goes to the soundtrack. He was going to live his life with a bunch of nuns or something, which might be better than dying.

A decade has passed. Young Lee Hwee is a royal prince.

He was so majestic that he had a servant, a eunuch. He’s a royal AF. He is very good at football and has great affection for his coach. Who is free-thinking to be considered a traitor and withdrawn. The man may find it utterly barbaric or foolish to kill a newborn out of superstition. We meet Dam-i, one of the palace maids.

The camera goes to great lengths to show us the scar on his neck, which should only be a glimpse and not an insignificant detail. Fate, played by one or three scriptwriters, made Lee Hwi and Dam-i look at each other. The prince was surprised to see how similar they were. The prince’s mother fully responded to his claim that the other youth looked very much like him. NO BIG THING YOU NEVER SEE AGAIN. He told his son, unsuspectingly.

The light bulb is on. He calls Dam-i to his room. They deal in clothes to present herself as a lowly servant and visit her imprisoned mentor; Meanwhile, he will introduce himself as a prince. This script is officially referred to as “Hijinki” in comedy, but it’s not a comedy. It’s very, very serious. Meanwhile, the woman meets a nice boy, and they fall into the pool, a story they will surely tell their grandchildren. Lee Hwee’s mother MUST see this girl because she has to confirm what we already know.

Aha – YOU KNOW that scars matter! Lady is just a kind of Rando:

Who happens to look like her son. Indeed, he was a long-lost twin brother. But the stupid male authority created her and ordered the girl to be killed. And you know what happens when that happens. Lee Hwee’s decision to switch roles again for some is pretty outdated. And he ends up eating killer arrows while women sit in his apartment wearing his hat.

From the royal maternity school principal to the eunuch’s house. No, it’s literally in history and sounds like a horrible place to visit, and no one wants to live there). The King’s Compassion costs nothing to get it wide to deliver an epic. An extensive epic that could have used a tighter setting in its 69-minute debut episode.

What about his tendency to push scenes to the limit of our interest. At least the set is worth watching. Surprisingly, we’ve never seen series star Park Un-bin play Dam-i/Lee Hwee or an adult Rowan as their lover, which tells us that promoters let one drama act too long while we’re at it. A little impatient, we wait for the headliner to come on stage.