“Ram Asur” Review: In general, films about Ram Asurs present a new story to Hollywood audiences

Ram Asur is a film with a new concept. This film weaves people’s lives with diamonds. It sounds like a crime comedy, caper, or thriller, but things don’t go as expected.

Ram (Ram Kartik) tries to make synthetic diamonds.

With the help of a dear friend, Ram meets Ramachari (Shubhaleha Sudhakar), a scholar from Vaidishvarun Koil, Tamil Nadu, intending to recover from a terrible phase in his life. He tries hard but has no luck, which causes a scar in his relationship with Priya (Sherry Agarwal).

They split up, and Ram is worried about all the setbacks. On his advice, Ram tries hard to meet a man who is named Suri (Abhinav Sardar). Who Suri is and how Ram’s life changes after meeting her are the rest of the story.

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Abhinav Sardar played the lead role of Suri in the film. Delivers an impressive performance and displays many nuances of coolness and aggression with balance. Ram Kartik plays Ram. In addition to romance, it is also characterized by action series. Sherry Agarwal gave the film screen a slight sheen.

Ram Asur shines in several ways and brings the pure concept of artificial diamond production to the fore. However, budget constraints and commercial properties did not make the brilliance last.

Most of the first act is about Ram’s character, his love life and only hits the core as he slowly approaches the break. But in the second part, director Venkatesh Triparna ensures that the film moves at a very high speed.

Screenwriter and director Venkatesh needed support to pick such a complex storyline and went to great lengths to make it work. Most of the film is directed by Abhinav Sardar, who twists events from when he appears on the screen.

This film is full of fun, emotion, romance, and all the signature elements you need for a commercial artist. It worked to some extent but slowed down the speed of the film. Low-budget film production is another matter.

The main strength of this film is Bhim’s music.

A background assessment is sufficient. The cameras and action episodes give this film a bit of life. The production value corresponds to the film level.

In general, Ram Asur presents a new concept to the Telugu audience. It could turn into a natural diamond if there were more meat in some scenes and enough budget to bring such a concept to the screen.

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Ram (Ram Kartik) tries to make diamonds artificially. No matter how hard he tried, his righteous attempts would fail. Her boyfriend decided to drop her for a reason. To come back to life, he meets an elder who advises him to meet a Suri (Abhinav Sardar). Now Suri comes with an unusual past. Ram encounters this unusual man, and the consequences of their reunion are at the heart of this story.

In the pre-release promotion, the makers of “Ram Asur” claimed that the film’s concept was unprecedented in the history of Telugu cinema. As the inscription “The Peanut Diamond” indicates, it is an artificial diamond.

The idea of ​​using technology to make diamonds is quite disturbing. The possibility of such a space is not slight. Issues like greed, bloodlust, and revenge can easily flow into a wealth story. Think of the movie “KGF”.

Interestingly, the story of two individuals is woven around the concept of manufactured diamond production. While the premise is suspenseful and the plot solid, the performance and overall story aren’t alike. With films directed by foreigners and on budget constraints, the effects vary widely.

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Should not take the love song with Ram too seriously.

Story speed slows down to intervals. After the break, the story unfolds at a good pace. Director Venkatesh Triparna deserves applause for his genuine experience. On the one hand, he chose a challenging subject for his directorial debut. On the other hand, the action scenes are not accessible. The letter will take effect in the second half. It’s fun on the twists and turns.