“Jonas Brothers Family Roast” Review: Priyanka Chopra is the real steal of the show

The long-awaited family grill from the Jonas Brothers went on sale this morning. The one-hour Netflix special takes you on a train with Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas pop stars. No, not just because it’s too exciting, but because sometimes you stay alert and then suddenly fall over and roll your eyes.

Apart from their better parts, Daniel Jonas, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, Lily Singh, John Legend, Pete Davidson, Tom Grady, Jack Whitehall, and Dr Phil roast took the three brothers.

The special starts with a perfectly normal argument in the dining room:

Which ended with us throwing pancakes at each other. We can also see the Thor trio wanting to play while playing superheroes or starting the Jonas Fight Club.

With its own weird rules – you can’t meet a “pretty” face. Since the brothers could never be on the same page. They played at the Jonas Brothers Family Roast, hosted by Kenan Thompson.

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Calling it a “family affair”, Kenan introduces the better part of the Jonas brothers. Who seem to have the most fun when their husbands are ignored on stage. The Saturday Night Live star confronted the trio, calling them New Jersey’s most excellent musicians.

And then adding the names of the state’s biggest stars. He investigated his family, referred to his youngest brother Franklin as “Bonus Jonas”. And revealed that his mother skipped the show because he went to Justin Bieber’s show.

Soon Lily Singh took to the stage, and although she was average on her roast. The only statement that stood out had to do with Priyanka Chopra. The YouTuber said he already felt like family to him. As Nick and Kevin thanked him for marrying his brother during the wedding.

He also investigated how he had a hard life among Americans. And now he’s on a Netflix show about three white boys. Lily comments that Nick can’t grow a beard. She married him. Priyanka Chopra hid her face as she tried not to laugh.

Next up is Pete Davidson:

If you play the fan, “So drunk, I don’t know why I’m here.” He also deals with the brothers and how they split up only to be reunited. Later in the special, he comes disguised as Franklin, who says that while his brothers are making Chartbusters, they need their “big brother” to reach the top of the shelf.

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Dr Cameo Phil told him to say the things brothers need to hear and not want to say, “You two aren’t good enough to have this woman,” he signs.

When it comes to the ladies, Priyanka Chopra steals the show with her stand-up stunts. Given the age difference, she says Nick taught her on TikTok to show her how successful an acting career could be. He also doesn’t bat an eye to say he’s the “most famous Jonas” because he has way more Instagram followers than Jonas amassed.

Leaving him confused by the announcement of the upcoming baby’s birth, Nick blushes when Priyanka says she’s the only one he’ll ever “sit down, oops, get married”. When the loving woman revealed that she was obsessed with Nick Jonas, she implied that she would think about him when Chris Hemsworth broke up.

The other two better parts – Daniel Jonas and Sophie Turner – had their funny moments but couldn’t make an impact.

While Kevin was deep-fried as a backup singer, the Game of Thrones star spoke about the Jonas brothers’ chastity vows to refrain from s*x before marriage. He also said that Sophie felt safe for Kevin after seeing him at Camp Rock because he decided never to marry an actor.

Towards the end, the three brothers faced each other:

And that’s when I noticed Joe with his wit and fun. When Nick tries, the effort shows in his performance and leaves you a little disappointed. Kevin, on the other hand, is funny but lacks humour and punch.

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However, he did not allow holding Nick accountable for the group’s disbandment. And son, the same thing is mentioned more than once.

Baking the Jonas Brothers seemed to take more than an hour. I think it’s the filler that’s bothering you. See if you grew up in The Jonas Brothers or refer to Priyanka’s Action. Drop the microphone! It’s worth all the money.