“Premam Poojyam” Movie Review: Prem does excel in this overly long romantic drama

Dr Sri Hari is actually a selfless cardiologist who loves and adores his profession.

When patient Yojita finds her diary, we hear about her love story, which made her a successful surgeon. Prem finished his 25th legendary film with Premam Poojyam.

This actor is most loved for his romantic roles, which earned him the title of Beautiful Star. Expectations for this romantic drama are huge. But sometimes, it’s also disappointing. Are you okay with that?

What amazed me the most about Premam Poojyam was the cinematography. This film was shot in beautiful locations that make every frame look great. Even though we had a beautiful looking film.

The story lasted almost three hours. Which could have been fine since it’s a story that spans more than 20 years of a person’s life. Unfortunately, scripting and editing hinder this hilarious story. Which is kept clean and free of most commercial bases like fighting, curses, and complex dialogue.

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However, in the face of an extraordinary film like this. It has passive-aggressive heroism, with the main character is more holy than you and almost saint-like. The story of dr. Sri Harry and his love for his angel Sherlin Pinto, his partner, causes exhaustion when he is revealed. And while love, on the one hand, can be described as pure and selfless. On the other one, wonders if it borders on toxicity.

The film has 12 of its songs which are like the main speed busters in the story. While some of them are good, there isn’t a single standout song usually found in Prem’s love story. Prem shines in this lengthy romantic drama and manages to follow through most of the film. By having fun all the time and doing his best.

Newcomer Brinda Acarya, who is depicted in the film as a sandalwood angel, shows some promise.

While Guru Anand and Sadhu Kokila are having fun, their strange songs sometimes seem unnecessary. And Aindrita Ray and Anu Prabhakar seem to squander roles that don’t quite deserve to be considered episodic.

Should you see Premam Poojyam? Yes, if you are a Prem fan, he gave his all for his 25th film. However, one would expect a tighter story there, as the plot is promising.

Ragavendra, a doctor by profession, is pursuing his passion as a director. And has taken on many tasks in his directorial debut. A subject like romance is simple but hard to convince. He seems to quite have taken a few pages from his personal life and included them in this film. Her love for romantic films and Shah Rukh Khan can be seen in Premam Poojyam, but she gets a little carried away.

The film has captivating visuals, but it’s not a beautiful watch. Romantic dramas are too long for him. The director also educates us about Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, popularly known as Broken Heart Syndrome. Navin Kumar’s brilliant camera work is the highlight of this film.

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Known for his romantic films, Prem stands out with his performance and, in a sense, holds the film. Despite the space on the screen, Brinda Acharya doesn’t make the most of it. Raghavendra could make better use of Aindrita Ray’s presence. The funny parts with Sadhu Kokila and Anand don’t add much to the film either.

Raghavendra, who also serves as the film’s composer and lyricist, composed 12 songs. Even though it’s mostly woven into the story, it adds to the length of the film. Premam Poojyam is a film that tries to explain the director’s ideas. That about the purity of love, heartbreak and how to fix it. And like an EKG, as it ends with ups and downs.