“Bhajarangi 2” Review: Shiva Rajkumar action fantasy badly spelt

When a group of lost villagers meet Guruji at a temple, he tells the story of two extraordinary heroes, Angie and Bhajrangi, who live in two different timelines.

The visuals, teasers and trailers of Bhajarangi 2 make a lot of sense. This film tries to mix fantasy with action, drama, and a bit of philosophy. One of the really most ambitious projects in the recent times, there is a lot of hope. Can it be the same? That’s right, mostly.

What worked for Bhajarangi 2 was its clear vision and spectacle.

Then there’s the show. The created world is something new, and the creators do not compromise on special effects, sets or costumes, which ensures that the audience is carried away into this world. Shivarajkumar is at the forefront with his energetic dual role.

Shruthi is a revelation and a pleasure in any setting. Bhavana has a sweet song. However, the most important ones are Cheluvaraj, Prasanna Bhageena, and Saurav Lokesh.

Talking about the story and content of the film is unfair. Because the film has to be experienced in every frame. This is entirely director A Harsha’s vision, and he has found something every fan will love.

Bhajarangi 2 may be a little too long, but the experience is well worth it and is a perfect pleasure for the whole family as it creates a whole new world that both adults and children can enjoy.

Another factor is the expected supernatural that almost every main character has. Somehow, most of our directors seem to fool audiences, film after film, that you have to be too strong to show extreme emotions. Similarly, background assessments tend to evoke emotions.

Here, writing should be given the responsibility to evoke the right emotions in the audience through the actors’ performance. It’s time for directors to focus on the script itself during the pre-production phase so that every scene involved has a real purpose and isn’t just being produced to fill/extend the show’s time.

The resulting line as an on-screen compliment for a fan-related reason (although the word “devil” has a different context:

The extent of its use is almost a deliberate attempt to replace the “Annavru effect”, the continuous accumulation that penetrates even to the climax, the excessive use of slow-motion – all of which must be used sparingly to be precise. Destination moment. For 2 hours and 35 minutes, this is at least about two hours of exhaustion.

Speaking of positives, as always, Shiva Rajkumar has done his best and is most energetic. Likewise, Arjun Janya with a mix of songs that are already popular. It’s great to see someone like Saurav Lokesh in a different role. But then again, we wanted to have more flesh throughout the script. So the artists could shine as they tell the story.

Bhavana, who plays the female lead, is kicked out of the usual commercials. And nothing more than the usual tropism goes hard. Following the hero to grab her attention and so on. Likewise, Shruthi has (although it can argue that she is seen in a completely different role). Her character is too lacking in-depth and at the right moment mysteriously switches to the excellent path suggested by Angie.

In short, this looks like an endless supply-demand chain:

Although audiences are exposed to the world’s content in Kannada, it is believed that they enjoy enjoying what is served as a staple in the name of entertainment in most Kannada films. As mentioned earlier, given the importance of the industrial economy, the makers try to use the collection of cashiers from the first three days to stay safe. It takes faith to break this monotony and create a niche the industry is so capable of, and as a movie buff, I’ll be keeping my eye on that breakthrough sooner or later.