“Life’s a Glitch with Julien Ba” Review: It is a Crazy Basic Tale

Dude, why do we get so many movies and TV shows with YouTubers and vloggers? Don’t get me wrong, I really love YouTubers, and sometimes I live for their videos. But guys, I prefer them in smaller doses. I still haven’t forgotten the horrors of He Is All and am not ready for a new hell. But here we are.

Life’s a Glitch with Julien Bam immerses himself in even worse fears. Than a famous, influential person – imagine it didn’t focus attention on him? A concept derived from a previously seen story in which two people trade their lives for a transformative scientific event. In the Netflix series, Julien changes a parallel universe. And his friend June is in the spotlight. While Julien must move to a new world without being followed. It’s the star’s worst nightmare, but it’s also for June to get used to Life without attention quickly.

Of course, Life’s a Glitch With Julien Bam is a weird comedy:

With two main characters are a friendly team trying to figure out why they’re sticking to an alternate timeline. The Netflix series does not attempt to deviate from a basic aesthetic to show scientific phenomena. It is designed to be acidic.

But it’s the noun that comes to mind. The series is uninspiringly crafted, but what more could we ask for for a story surrounded by an influencer. One must wonder what other minor series were written. That could have been so much better but were not commissioned because of this seasoned comedy series. Life’s a Glitch with Julien Bam is sadly a lifeless work and a blessing in just four episodes.

And that’s not to say there isn’t any faith behind the show. But even the main characters should have known that some of these jokes weren’t going to happen. The story remains the same all the time. No improvements are expected. It’s bullshit, like it or not, but hopefully, it will resonate with the audience.

Life is an accident with Julien Bam, so dull. That’s all I do with YouTubers and Tiktoker trying comedy and “influence”. It just has to end. I say this because the show was terrible to watch. There’s nothing funny about it, and I’m offended that people are exposed to it. The story is familiar but oddly annoying and hard to fight.

The plot is entirely meaningless, and things are added just because.

They do not need to exist or reach our eyes, but we are faced with such things here. Situations just added to make us laugh, which never came. It’s solid and silly, and if you’re a comedy fan, then this will be your thing, I think.

Is a sci-fi twist also necessary? All parallel universes seem like a good idea in any other form of medium. However, here it seems like another way. For the main character to be stupid and stupid to exist in this universe.

Julien Bam seems to be going through a few things while understanding the plot and the acting. It doesn’t look out of place in this environment and looks awkward. June Kim is a cute Asian girl who is clumsy and stupid. You know the stereotype. Awkward to watch all the time.

Life’s a Glitch with Julien Bam is a really annoying watch that’s neither fun nor exciting. There’s nothing to continue with an awkward streak that’s going actually nowhere. The characters there are quite uninteresting, and the plot is actually too weak to last even 2 hours of gameplay.