“Narcos: Mexico Season 3” Review: The Afterlife, Until the End, This is probably the darkest ending of the Narcos season

The world fooled the governments of America and Mexico and their leaders for their previous full support of the corrupt General Rebolo.

Victor kills a man he believes to be the serial killer of Juarez’s wife:

Andreas Voice stated that the killing of women with hundreds of victims continues today. (The flock of sheep congregating on the edge of the property is an inconspicuous but influential image.) The only one to find mass graves proving that more than one person committed the murders and counting.

The stubborn editor of the newspaper Salgado (Alejandro Fürth). The assassins shoot a staunch supporter of reporter Andrea Nunez. His status after the subsequent operation is unknown.

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Chapo dumps his boss Guero Palma and his adviser Don Neto to another prison to take over the Sinaloa cartel, which will now attack Juarez with the help of El Mayo.

Disabled businessman Carlos Hank Gonzalez died with family and friends, received a hero’s funeral and was marked with a statue. (Janet Reno “apologised” to her for her investigation, Andrea notes.)

Arelano Felix’s family regains control of Tijuana. But Ramon Arelano Felix is ​​killed by gunmen posing as police officers working for El Mayo, an echo of the El Chapo police officer during his assassination attempt on the lives of the Arelano brothers years earlier.

Poor naive Alex Hodoyan escapes Walt’s capture and spends hours on an overpass in Tijuana.

After revealing the secret of Alex’s imprisonment and Andrea’s torture, “I’m not a good person,” he immediately came out and said – Walt moved to Chicago. Where he performed the same lazy operation, maintaining anonymous privacy Alcohol use. For the same old bastard results without any difference. Ironically, it felt like falling out of a car.

Then we get to the middle of the episode’s title, which, oh boy: While we don’t see it, the clues are clear that Amado Carilo Fuentes is safe and sound and living with his girlfriend Martha on the Chilean coast.

The ending of the Narcos: Mexico Season 3 (“Life in Wartime”) series prepares us for this revelation several times. Before the operation:

We see Amado reach for his phone before the scene disappears; who else would he call besides Martha? When the authorities broke into the clinic the following day, we never saw the body.

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We also learn that the body identified as Amado has disappeared and the surgeon who operated on it. The latter was eventually found dead in a barrel outside the city. (A quick Google search reveals a recent New York Times report. And a Tampa Bay Times follow-up several years later, including many of these details.)

To be honest, I still understand what I was thinking about choosing a writer and showrunner, Carlo Bernard, to go that route. Dramatically, the episode ends with Walt’s dirty surgery. At first, we thought he was admitting his guilt and the crimes he committed to his ex-girlfriend Danny at the DEA.

But he just fell asleep on the target in the wrong forum. Security – is a much stronger option. Other than that, it fits better with the bittersweet tone of the entire show, which is always about how criminals on both sides are waging war on dr*gs. Despite the simple fact that some of them wear badges and see the blessings of the US government.

Amado should accompany this final scene: as with this musical genre. This ending depicts Amado as a kind of folk hero, a man who has seen. That there are no happy endings for anyone who stays in the game and who dares.

He is tired of the idea that Amado is still alive? He has chosen to go out of his way to live happily ever after. It turned him from a cartel boss – a better and nobler cartel boss than anyone we’ve known since the days of Escobar. But still a cartel boss – to a living legend.

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But maybe this is, in its way, as fitting of an ending as Walt’s lousy luck.

It’s not a contradictory statement to say that Narcos: Mexico Season 3. Which concludes its three-season cycle here, have benefited from the brilliance and brilliance of the lives of their dr*g dealers. From wealthy dr*g ally Arellanos to Pablo Escobar’s imported hippopotamus. Is there an afterlife for dr*gs? Look no further for your answer other than the existence of this event.