Oxygen movie review: A sci-fi nightmare no one wants to see it become real

Alexandre Aja directed Oxygen movieOxygen, a new French thriller directed by Alexandre, arranged almost entirely in the cryogenic pod. Aja, who also directs the Thriller Horror-Thriller 2019 crawl, seems to have come a long way since the time of the mirror and 3D Piranha.

His resurrection as the original filmmaker with sound and unique style is proof that we can increase our craft. The star cast of Oxygen movie are Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric, Malik Zidi.

A wake up at the Cryogenic Pod is not much bigger than the coffin.

It looks medical, making it think he must be sick and under a kind of treatment. But why can’t he remember what happened to him? Why can’t he remember who he is? Does this lose memory?

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He does get a flash of memory that doesn’t seem connected, but a few others. Someone (him? Or someone else?) Driven to the ICU in the hospital corridor, a man smiled, and mice tried to find their way through the maze.

When he struggled to find the answer, the AI ​​warning voice regularly gave it about oxygen, which rapidly reduced.

If the settings sound like the futuristic version of the 2012 Ryan Reynolds-Starrer film buried, you are not far from the sign. The camera angle is also Claustrophobic (although there are minimal ways to take pictures in such a narrow space).

The plot also decomposes through the instructions distributed slowly, continuous panic from imprisoned people, optimism followed by despair. Optimism, and so on.

It collects the parts that are familiar to us from other films but build original and exciting products. The pacing never arrived, except when realization was new. More frightening than what happened before, dawn in the woman. In such cases, he stopped for effect, forcing viewers to take everything.

Oxygen cannot be called original in the sense of any word.

Oxygen also explores more profound concepts and asks more uncomfortable questions than buried, which has been dreamed. This can be a high-tech accompaniment that is more ambitious. In double features to be buried, more raw and focused.

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Mélanie Laurent, can be seen in the role of this lost woman without an idea of being ​​who, what and where she is. Quite amazingly Mercurial, shows an emotional gamut when Revelation comes.

A film like this, however, will slip before shipping does not have an actor who rises to the target. Laurent was very impressive from the beginning to the end.

Overall, oxygen is a fast and entertaining thriller that plays with a genre convention to keep the viewer on their toes. Quite rare for genres, intellectually stimulates too.

Warning Trigger (Light Spoiler): The film repeatedly mentions the level of oxygen Nosek from the main character. There is a scene that displays a new disease that kills people.

Someone removes the mask of his face, and we see blood inside. If you are disturbed or personally influenced by the Covid-19 situation. In this country, avoid watching this film.

Alexandre Director Aja (crawling, hills having eyes) comes from horror, and he brings a clogged urgency that befell some script’s sillier rounds.

It might better leave the initial logic finally from everything unpleased. Casting, too, takes a beautiful route; At different points, both Anne Hathaway and Noomi Rapace are reportedly scheduled to star in.

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The more mainstream name or an English script will undoubtedly provide a broader film. The subtitle is still a regular bugaboo bar from ordinary viewers.

But Laurent (Basterds Inglourious, Beginner), the old star of the César winner in the original French, made his role wholly owned by him: Angry, determined, and desperately, he exhaled unable life.