Army Of The Dead Review: Some viewers may find more it blur than most blockbuster films

The dead troops may look far more blurry than most films used by people to see. But there are technical and creative reasons Zack Snyder embraces this appearance. Because it is not the same as style. It is far more often seen in photography than in films, especially blockbusters.

It might cause some people to think something is wrong. With their TV, like how some people are confused by their decisions to present Zack Snyder. The Justice League in the 4: 3 ratio, but, once again, this appearance is 100 per cent intentional by Snyder.

Zack Snyder is always known for its unique aesthetics:

Building a unique appearance that stands alone from 300 to guards and the Dceu movie. He always collaborated with talented cinematographers such as Larry Fong, Amir Mokri, and Fabian Wagner.

Still, the Army marked the first time Snyder had become director of his photography. For film features, producing one of the unique views.

At the purely technical level, the reason the film is very opaque. Because the entire film is wide open with a vintage f / 0.95 dream lens canon. It provides a very superficial field depth, soft bokeh, unique light artefacts, and potentially other irregularities.

Depending on the condition of the glass. At the same time, most lenses have an opening that can adjust to change the depth of the field. And control for different light sensitivity.

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Snyder Rehouts, specifically for the dream lenses, don’t even have a built-in aperture bar. Meaning that all films are entirely shot “wide open”. It uses a vintage lens designed for photography in the 70s. Famous for how few images will focus on a specific time in more straightforward English.

Allowing it to make the object focus more drastically on the background / or foreground. While providing a focus area on quality images. Such as beams that are opaque, thus the name “dream lens”.

Many lenses don’t behave like this, so Snyder also has creative and practical reasons to choose it. One of the exact reasons he mentioned.

Beyond the fact that he was a kind of vintage Lenses of Connoisseur. It is the fact that this is the first time the shooting on digital. So he wants to shoot in a way that feels organic. And the lens vintage is, of course, one way to do that.

Many cinematographic techniques only direct viewers to certain parts of the screen.

There are not many more straightforward ways to do that instead of ensuring. What you want the viewers is the only part in focus.

Snyder also has eyes for iconography, especially with the human body and “Pose Heroes” or Statecue’s appearance. The way the dream lenses can make the shot subject appear against the background and the foreground praise the approach.

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Finally, this has not been mentioned by Snyder. Or anyone involved with the production troops of the dead. Still, there is also a possible budget benefit. For this particular aesthetic because the background is not visible. Meaning a set or whatever green screen element or whatever is happening.

The background does not have to have a production value without defects. After all, it is easy to hide something that is not focused on.

Allowing him to “deceive” the value of production in several shots. The same lens used for the new Knightmare scene in the Zack Snyder Justice League. Maybe for the same reason.

Of course, this introduced several complications to share Tig Notaro to replace Chris Delia. Still, in the end, it also helped in helping it fading into the background.

Or background of a shot that did not primarily display it. Making specific effects almost not smooth in most of its scenes, With one or two minor exceptions.

In the end, while it was a determining aspect of the aesthetic troops of the dead. It was not a drastic effect that was disturbing or too strong. And there were only a few moments.

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Where it used to make a prominent shot. There are many moments where things enter and exit focus. But the focus always comes sharply where and when it is necessary. That the film would be far more focused.