Sarbath Movie Review: Refreshing movie goes live on air telecast

The actor Katir remained relatively unremarkable during last year’s blockade and, until 2021, appeared on social media occasionally to inform his followers about his activities. The actor’s last release was the sports horror film Jada in December 2019.

The storyline and the plot of Sarbath:

One leads to love, the other to enmity. These two slaps form the core of Sarbath Kathir. The first time when the heroine Aruna (Rahasya Gorak) makes living sunlight from Ariva (Katir). The anger in Arivus’ eyes melted as he looked at Aruna and noticed… Background music by Ajeesh. This is love at first hit. I can feel my eyes meet the back of my head. The second hit came soon after. The one who received the Anbu (Vivek Prasanna), brother of Arivu. This sowed the seeds of enmity between the two families in Dindigul. The following are some of the stereotypes that Prabhakaran’s debutant cleverly promoted.

From the first scene to the last, the director injects minimal freshness whenever he feels Deja Vu. Suri’s presence is a force for films. She is very comfortable with her trademark and adds tension to emotional scenes. Total points to the writer for giving Suri the character to work on this film. Such a beautiful touch glorifies Sarbat.

Critical Analysis and review of Sarbath:

Of course, we are subject to some general procedures. But our sense of humor is maintained thanks to Soori and Kathir’s hilarious moments. After Meyaadha Maan, Vivek Prasanna got a rainbow character worthy of an Anbu-like love story, and for that story, Ajeesh kept his best song. The Anbu song’s central theme, and even Sarbat in general. It is impressive to see how this theme. A special mention is made of Ashwat, who plays the heroine’s sister. Except for Indhumati (the mother of Anbu and Arivu). The women in this film get a cold attitude from the director. Despite its impressive verbal synchronization. He only responds to the things that are happening around him on his behalf. Even at the top of Sundar C-Esque.

Sarbat is a comedy of mistakes. It’s only when things are going well that something comes up that destroys their happiness, and when you see them putting their lives back together, it sparks some laughter here and there. This story is a perfect fit. For the film because it is more about a joke. Then a strong plot.

Comedy, romance, and family drama may not be all that impressive:

But it doesn’t matter because Prabhakaran and Ko don’t want to make films for centuries. It was clear that the program had to make a sensible, sensitive film, but mostly safe. And for this purpose, although the central theme borders on blasphemy, it is worthwhile to choose a path based on humor, which in most cases is neither offensive nor violent. Just as a raging summer. It is briefly forgotten with a cold glass of Sarbat. This Sarbat offers a decent departure from the rigors of our lives and goes back to a time when people went to the cinema to forget everything and laugh. At Sarbat, the big screen is replaced by our television. And although we don’t always laugh luckily, that smile lasts quite a while.

Actor Kadir, the film’s protagonist, said, “I am thrilled and excited to be a part of Sarbath. It’s because this is my first time trying to portray a completely different character in this film. What a wonderful experience working with Suri, a comedian, and Rakshaya, a talented actress.

The most promising director, Mr. Prabhakaran, expressed my talents in it under his guidance. Following the current trend of showing films on television. As a live satellite premiere on Colors Tamil. I enjoyed it and working on this film. I am sure fans and audiences will enjoy this film,” he said.