‘Open Your Eyes’ Review: About a teenager with amnesia who tried to remember in a scary memory clinic

The girl (Maria Vavrenyuk) does not know where she is or who she is. She sees severe burns on her arms. When he wakes up to start his day, the alarm goes off and tells him what he remembers about himself.

His parents died in a fire. She was named after her aunt but did not know her name. He is 17 years old and his birthday is on February 6. I told her that her mother said her teeth would fall out if she didn’t brush them.

As she walked past this substantial old hospital-like building:

With modern furniture and lighting, she saw other people her age dancing. All of whom had been at the centre of second chance memory disorders for some time. Iza (Claudia Koshista), especially the withdrawn patient with pink hair, provides information to NN about what to expect there.

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Therapy with the centre director, Dr Zofia Morulska (Marta Neradkevich). It will mainly extract information from the patient and not feed him with a spoon.

Everyone there went through the same thing as him, and everyone remembered different things. However, it is a slow process. What Iza also says is that developing the talents you have in general helps memory.

During his meeting with Dr without; dr. Zofia must bring back a mad patient named Magda (Sarah Seller Ezierska) to escape through the forest.

The following day, NN heard someone calling someone named Carolina;

When he asked the doctor if this was his name, the doctor said. That you are sure if you remember your name. He also listened to terrible piano music; he is told that a returning student named Adam (Ignacy Lis) has just run away.

NN finally meets Adam after chasing an orphan in the central auditorium. Not only did he discover that he was a good pianist, but when Adam asked his name. “Julia” came out as if he had never forgotten her.

Open your eyes” begins slowly as we watch Julia. Try to find her way earlier in the day. When she knew little about herself or why she was here. But after he starts dating fellow patients, such as a flexible dancer named Syzmon (Wojciech Dolatowski). With a goofy girl named Pawel (Michal Sikorski).

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And a smart girl named Milena (Zuzanna Galewicz), the show begins as a wacky teen drama. Which we’re not entirely sure has anything to do with what it wants.

Something was bound to happen at the Second Chance Institute:

Julia would learn more as she pieced together the events that led her there. In any case, Magda lurks, ready to step in and tell Julia. That a girl named Carolina is the key to getting the answers Julia wants. But do we have to go through the less-than-brilliant scene. Where Julia tries to find her speckles memory to get this act started?

At the end of the episode, we do get some clues. And we know that Dr Sophia knows more about Julia than Julia about herself. However, we’re not sure if this series will delve deeper into this study.

We know that Julia and Adam will be in a relationship. And that Adam could be it one of the most dangerous patients in Second Chance. But will we learn more about Julia’s new circle of friends?

Will the show focus on the scary things. That happen in restaurants or learn about teenagers who have lost their memories?

It’s not clear after the first episode, so we’re unsure what to make of this show. We knew the first episode could be faster because the slow moments didn’t scare us or create tension. But things can speed up as the series progresses.

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While we don’t know exactly what “open your eyes” looks like. We love his bright visual style and the young star looks.