“Masters Of The Universe: Revelation” Review: A subset of sampling enthusiasts is the master of the universe master

HE-MAN fans have a review at the Masters of the Universe: Revelation is less than the day after his release. The continuation of the original series from the 1980s, the Semesta Nature: Revelation, originated from the minds of Cultural Film Maker Kevin Smith, carrying the All-Star cast to voice iconic characters. Smith and their writer’s room gives the task of making a series. That would please fans of the original series. Which has now grown and can be accessed by new fans and new children.

Who have never heard of He-Man and Masters of the Universe.

When first announced this series, a general reaction is excitement. Considering the Smith and historical credentials attached and related to geek-friendly nature.

However, after the interview where Smith explained the title, and it would be the story of Teela, certain parts of the fans began to turn on the series when they saw it as a sad person even aired. The critical reaction to the series itself was very positive. With Smith noted it was the best review he had got from his career since the clerk.

However, some people may have anticipated. Some fans reviewed the Master of the Universe: Revelation. In less than 24 hours after the prime at Netflix. According to rotten tomatoes, the current series has a 25% fan reaction, contrasting with a critical reaction of 94%. It should be noted that there is no idea of ​​how many profiles. Specifically to enter reviews for Mr Universe: Revelation.

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In CG animation still from Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Orko, Andra, Teela, Roboto, and Evil-Lyn stand in one line looking left, a severe expression on their faces. Orko floats in the air. With the face shadowed under a red hat and a purple scarf.

Andra, a dark-skinned woman, wears a uniform of chocolate and green military-style, withdrawn hair. Teela, a bright-skinned female with short auburn hair, wear top white with a brown chest plate and harness. Roboto, a grey robot with a piece of red mouth, wears a green robe.

Evil-Lyn, a bright woman, wore a blue and silver steel hat with a skull in the middle and a blue and brown military-style uniform, a crystal-orb stick on her right side. The blue sky and ice landscape look behind them.

This marks a repeating trend in pop culture that has appeared quite lately.

From Ghostbusters to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi. When a new addition to the property that has long been established is decided. To increase the role of different gender characters or change the character race. A subset of fandom considers this little or attack on them.

The fire is then fanned by outside parties. Usually encouraging the political agenda that sees a negative change. A 2018 study shows that almost half of the negative review of the Last Jedi is political trolling.

However, regardless of some segments of fans. Who want to write narratives because the series is a failure. The final result supports change. Captain Marvel was reviewed – bombed before being released due to casting Brie Larson. Despite the best effort for them to change.

The captain of Marvel’s narrative continuing with $ 1 billion. Throughout the world. The Masters of the Universe Brand faced quite a similar counter-attack. Because a group of older fans attacked HE-RA and the daughters of power online.

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Still, this series forged its path and found a new loyal fan set that allowed the material to remain relevant. Master of the Universe: The success of Revelation will be determined not in one day but over time. And if it is interesting in the new generation of fans, the show will succeed.