“The House of Flowers: The Movie” Review: Reprise Loony of the recognized Mexican comedy series

Nanny son de la Mora, Delia (Maya Mazariegos), aging and sick. He is ailing to the point that the doctor told him to contact the next relative.

He opened the old address book: “De La Mora,” it sounds in a cursive looping, followed by the name Elena (Aislinn Derbez), Julian (Dario Yazbek Bernal) and Paulina (Cecilia Suarez).

And hey, you know those people, because if you watch a flower house: a movie before the flower house, then the time is very likely to start flowing upside down, maybe because Superman fly around the planet is high-speed.

Flashback decades: Young Elena and Paulina pushed the lunch box:

Into a small hole in their home and covered it with a piece of cut-out pile. This is a huge house where they grow up, a very luxurious house. You want to cut all the brass equipment in the 1980s, flower patterns and swollen furniture with Uzi.

Their parents, Virginia (Isabel Burr) and Ernesto (Tiago Correa), have big hair, like style at the time. So what’s in the lunch box? The old treasure, no doubt, might have something to do with the error of Agustin (Paco Rueda) in the death of Paco, which we saw in the third season.

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And it was Delia’s hopes dying, so they took the lunch box. It’s easier to say than done. Because a woman buys the house and everything in it.

Who doesn’t tend to let the brother de la rosa enter so they can stab behind the baseboard? And even think so much from the contents of her room. She put up a series of tripwires. Lasers are so complicated. They will make Ethan Hunt surrender and go home.

Luckily he had a big party, so partner Elena, Paulina, Julian and Julian Diego (Medina Juan Pablo) can apply the Heist plan – formulated by Paulina’s S.o. Maria Jose (Paco Leon) – which includes sneaking around and wearing a disguise and something.

Meanwhile, at Mucho Rococo 1980s, Virginia and Ernesto apply a little of their plans involving sneaking around the wedding and trying to persuade recognition from Agustin. As expected, both schemes run smoothly like gravel in your vanilla shake.

Suarez received a lot of praise for the depiction of Paulina:

Who was very eccentric, who spoke with the pronunciation of the syllable perfectly perfect against someone who lost several marbles? Par for the course for ThoftM, then; The order makes the character encyclopedia habits that we can spend throughout the week interpret.

Note that Thoftm has very few features of the title flower shop and the transplant of the Trans who runs it, and there is no brothel Skanndaloso Muy La Rosa. But it has many over-the-top scenarios.

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That makes a thankful satire from telenovelas melodramatic. And it spends a lot of time with Elena, Paulina and Julian, who must work with practical ways that seem to conflict with terrible dynamics.

So the film is a novel in that sense.

It repeats to hang out of flashbacks and current narratives from the third season; The scenes set in the 80s did not carry bodyweight or good comedy, but there was enough cream in the colour ceiling to inspire allergic connections to us who remember the era too well.

The film Winkstity Sordid, Deadpan-Funny and, in the end. Sentimental enough to satisfy fans who miss more time with Ludicrous de la Rosas.

Netflix is ​​a flower house: This film brings everyone back from the hit series with the same name (minus the “film”, of course) for another round – and the other – or-is-not-it-not-debate a-telenovela.

Record how things tend to stretch around easily categorization also tends to be very good. Which is why the Mexican series lasts for three seasons before wrapping up in 2020, receiving many awards to celebrate soap lines and dark comedies.

Without a lot of pampering, this film might offer a little closure for fans of the wild Escapades of the exceptionally dysfunctional De La Mora family.

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The DPR Avicionados flower will undoubtedly appreciate this curtain call (explicit) by their beloved character.