Lucifer Season 5 Part B Review: The makers have clearly marked a statement about the return of Lucifer

Fans Netflix Lucifer – Lucifans, if you won’t – have wild trips. They fell in love with the series on Fox, where he aired for three seasons before being canceled and turned off by Netflix.

Netflix then announced it would end the series with the fifth episode of the fifth season, reverse the course and divide the season into two pieces eight episodes, plus the sixth and final season.

Overall, this second half feels more substantial than the first, partly because of what is the best Lucifer.

Lucifer is not a lousy prestige drama that breaks. It’s a fun detective magical fiction! Season 5, part 2, embracing the sense of Campy humor and knowledge of the Bible while watching supporting characters that have grown in fans for years.

This new episode batch is a fun and familiar offer that regulates the most magnificent arc that is most Grandage. While this series is sometimes tripping in mythology, Lucifer bends into its strength more often than not. It must be pleasing to fans of die-hard whose desires have increased their length of life almost as much as Lilith’s eternity ring.

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Some of the highlights included a charming detective and centric episode, titled “and Espinoza: Naked and Fear,” full of references for past adventures. Linda doubled her “a little puniking,” which adds to the depth of the backstory. There are also some back faces that you might not expect and in places that might surprise you. In comparison, Chloe’s bow was rather bland this season.

The season even changed its sporadic music number into a complete music episode.

While Lucifer sticks to the procedural format of the police offering Sunday murder for most episodes, it takes freedom with how Lucifers usually make cases about themselves.

And while it teases the will is genuinely tiring – they won’t – they are dynamic – we know they will, please give people what they want! – This is not the core of each episode. Seriously, stop pretending this is not an unavoidable OTP from the show Netflix!

The season even changed sporadic music into full music episodes in “bloody mania karaoke jam.” Thanks to a minor heavenly disorder, the character spontaneously exploded into songs and dances.

Ella started, “the others bit the dust of” Queen “filled with the band Marching. Because LAPD investigated the murder of a high school soccer coach. And also conducted a” hell “that was quite dense by the zipper of squirrel nut. Assuming God would hit him for a night of sleep with His wife, Mrs. Charlotte / Lucifer.

Everything leads to the final, which is a little confusing. But fun over-the-top that regulates what will be one of the strangest paths taken by the show. Oh, and the costume? They are a perfect blend too much and right, perfect for shows like this.

At this point, it’s funny to think about how far this show and the character comes from the pilot. If you can remember that far, Chloe found Lucifer “disgusting,” all Linda wanted to sleep with her. And was the worst, the labyrinth hated all humans, and Stoic Amenadiel hated Lucifer with desires.

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Even though this season is not without tragedy and trauma, there is a lot of love here:

They all have an exchange arc, which is suitable for the show about heaven, hell, and sense. But even when the bow is trodden, Lucifer respects those characters and fans. For example, Mazikeen is not the first Devil for pine for the soul: Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, gave us two. With former Vengeance Demon Anya and Vampire Spike. However, unlike controversial bow spikes, the choice of the labyrinth will not make you hate it.

Even though this season is not without uranium and tragedy, we must love many things here about how characters grow stronger together – and cast ones that seem to enjoy themselves.