The Innocent Review: Netflix made an agreement with the author of Harlan Coben to adapt a number of novels

A man with a really shine under his right eye is in the barber chair, makes his hair buzzing in what looks like a prison library; He smoked a cigarette, and he blinked back to the girl who glanced at him to send it there.

When Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas) was in a law school, he went with his brother Isma (Jordi Coll) to a club. When he spoke with Eva (Ariadna Carbol) at the club, one of her friends.

Hugo (Alejandro Albarracín), was jealous and struggled with Isma, which they took outside. Mat was sucked into riots and in the process. He accidentally killed a man named Daniel (Font Eudald). When he pushed him onto the rocks and opened his head.

Matt received four years for negligent murder and overcoming the difficulties of prison life.

He went away when his parents died suddenly; He met a woman named Olivia Costa (Aura Garrido); They hit him but had to hold him when he returned to prison to complete his sentence.

After his release, he rebuilt his life; Isma gave him a job at his law firm, then made him a partner after he passed the bar. Once blonde but now Brunette, Olivia returned to his life when he attended a meeting in his company, and they married.

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Isma died suddenly, leaving a company mat. Right after they know they will become parents, Matt and Olivia looking for houses in the old environment.

Olivia got a call that she had to go to Berlin to work; He was disturbed by Eva and Hugo living across the house they like. The next day, he dropped Olivia, and he went to meet other people: Mrs. Sonia Dani (Ana Wagener). They have met this for years, often with mats pretending to be Dani to help Sonia feel better.

Matt got a text from Olivia, but not him.

It was a man who had his phone. He sent a photo of the mat he held the phone, then sent a photo of a mysterious hotel room where he lied to wear wigs, heels, and lights in blonde. Matt couldn’t track it at all, and when he called back that night, he didn’t admit what happened that day.

Then followed him, hit by a car, and the gun pointed at his face. He survives but needs to know what happened. He employed Zoe (Anna Alarcón), a trusted private investigator, to dig and find out; He asked Sonia, who worked at the bank, to trace his credit card. What he found was worrying, but as we saw from Berlin, Olivia might not do this voluntarily.

The Innocent Series Review:

An innocent (original title: El Inocente) is a type of show that will excite you or make you frustrated. Oriol Paulo with Jordi Vallejo, and Guillem Clua, who just adapted Coben novels. It tried to refrain from throwing red Herrings into this mystery around the mat.

They made him more about mats that tried to keep the life rebuilt because they knocked down himself. Even though the relationship with the incident that sent him to prison was still there.

From a thug and took all their savings. Not to be more precise when we saw Olivia and thugs in the hotel room. That’s the frustrating part of this is the first episode. Is he cheating? Become a squeeze?

Don’t really expect to get your answers from the second episode; Point-of-Vond turned to a police detective named Lorena Ortiz (Alexandra Jiménez), who was revealed. At the orphanage after seeing her father did commit suicide when she was just six years old.

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I called him to the orphanage to investigate suicide from the nun there. It was clear that the nun was not suicidal. The other program would not exist. But his investigation would eventually take him to the mat and, with extensions, Olivia. Then, and then, will we get an answer?

We doubtfully recommend innocent because of good shows and the fact that the author avoids the trop genre. But we experienced problems that wrapped our mind around this mystery, and it was a problem.