Lahore Confidential: What can the viewers expect from the film?

With the rising demand for web series and films online during the pandemic period, a lot of films launched on various online platforms like Netflix, Zee 5, Amazon Prime, etc., have left their imprints on the viewers’ hearts. Keeping this popularity in view, another Zee 5 original film, ‘Lahore,’ had been made to spread a message and to entertain the audience via the medium of the internet.

‘Lahore confidential’ is likely to be a crime thriller that has a lot of suspense and thrill to offer to its viewers. With the release of the teasers as well as the trailers of the film, the viewers have a lot of expectations from the film. Till now, it is also one of the most-awaited films of 2021

When will the film be ‘live’?

Earlier, the film was dated to release on December 11, 2020. Later, the release month got postponed to February. Till now, there is no official statement regarding the exact release date of the film, but it is dated to release someday in February 2021

The movie will be launched on Zee5’s official site. The real reason for the postponement of the film is yet unknown. 

Who will we see in the lead roles in ‘Lahore Confidential’?

After viewing the trailers and teaser of the scene, it is confirmed that we will get to see Richa Chadha in the lead role of the film. She will play the role of an ‘Indian spy’ in the film. Other than Richa Chadha, the viewers will see Karishma Tanna and Arunoday Singh also in the film. 

A love story is expected between Richa and Arunoday, which may turn out bitter in the second half of the film. These are the actors we saw in the trailer of the film. Other actors who will be a part of this film are yet not confirmed. We will soon update you with the list whenever we get the information.

The expected plot of the film:

As we have seen in the trailer that Richa Chadha was sent on a secret mission to Lahore, it is confirmed that she will be an Indian spy in the film. The trailer highlighted that a person from India commanded Richa to go to Lahore and find out the organizations or the people who are being involved in funding terror activities in India.

Richa accepted the secret mission and went to Lahore. There, she either introduced herself as a native of Lahore or cooked up some lie to stay away from the eyes of the criminals. We see a little chemistry between Richa and Arunoday and some intimate moments between the two in the trailer. It is hard to predict whether she genuinely loved him, or it was for the sake of her mission. 

Later, Richa was in a situation where she had to choose between love and her country. She said everything is fair in love and war, and so, she wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

From the trailer, it was predictable that Richa will likely develop some feelings for Arunoday. But, it is hard to tell whether she will leave him for the sake of her country, or will she betray her country for the sake of her love.

The ending of the trailer was brilliant as Richa was seen smiling after she stared at the flag of her country.

The trailer and teaser of the film had already set a bar. The viewers are enthusiastically waiting to see Richa Chadha in the bold and patriotic avatar. Also, it will be interesting to watch other major characters in the film, Karishma and Arunoday