Anupama 16 December 2020: Kinjal, Paritosh Get Married

The episode starts with Rakhi saying that this family who always keeps speaking about values all the time, their son elope my daughter with him! Now I don’t know… I don’t know what is he doing with her? Baa said, if you don’t care about us, then at least think about your respect. And Shut up! Which type of mother are you? You are spoiling your own daughter’s name.

Rakhi replied I am only telling the truth to the people. Shah family’s colorful truth. The boy whose father is of colorful nature then his son must elope with the reputed family girl.

Vanraj angrily shouted Rakhi Dave! Now, you are crossing your limits. Rakhi replied, your son crossed the limits, Vanraj Shah. But what was his mistake, whose father at this age has a wife and a girlfriend, then what will he learn? After listening about his affair, I broke the marriage. So, his son elopes my daughter. Save my daughter inspector, sir. Otherwise, this greedy and raunchy family will…

Meanwhile, Anupama interrupted and said, that’s it. The family is my proud. Till now, my values stopped my tongue. But if you say one more wrong thing to my pride, then protecting self-respect is also means value.

Rakhi said can you see the Inspector, sir? Saw that? How is this lady threatening me? You saw that. Please find my daughter. I don’t want anything. I just want my daughter. Please find her out. For God’s sake, please find out my daughter. Please bring my daughter, my Kinjal.

anupama stopped rakhi to insult family

Anupama said Ms. Rakhi, Kinjal is like a daughter for me as well. I also love her equally to my daughter. At this time, both families need to search for the kids together. This time is not about blaming each other while it’s to help each other. Vanraj said Anupama is right. We all must together search the kids. If we fight together like this, then we don’t know what both kids will do? Inspector sir, we care about both the kids.

Rakhi said Oh, please! Stop this drama, Mr. Shah. Inspector sir, my daughter is not missing while their son eloped her. Kidnapped her! And all this happens with this family’s permission. This lady brain-washed her and help her in escaping. Please arrest this lady! Right now, please arrest this woman.

Inspector ordered to arrest her!

Mamaji interrupted and said, you can’t arrest her like that. The Inspector replied, See! she has filed a complaint against her in the police station. That’s why we need to arrest her. And yes, if anyone comes in between, then we will arrest them too. Baa replied, Okay, then do it. The Inspector said Mataji, please be on another side. Otherwise, you will go to jail. Baa replied, okay, then we will go to jail. Our God also births on the jail. I will think that my pilgrimage happened.

Samar said I also see who will touch my mother. Nandini replied Samar, please! Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji… If the police will arrest all of you, then who will search for Toshu Bhai. Anupama said Nandini is saying right, Baa. Samar, be careful. Baa, you all go and search for Toshu. Don’t worry about me.

Family protects Anupama:

Bapuji said, no. My daughter will not go anywhere. Anupama said Bapuji; you, please calm down; that much anger is not suitable for your health. Rakhi said, Arrest her. Vanraj said when she didn’t commit any crime, then what is this arrest about? Rakhi replied, I filed a complaint against her. So, she will go to jail. Vanraj replied, then even I am filing a complaint against Rakhi Dave that she has kidnapped my son! Now, either both of them will get arrested or none of them!

Rakhi said, Excuse me! Vanraj replied, Rakhi Dave. The law is the same for everyone! If you can file a complaint, so can I. No woman of the Shah family will go to prison! Still, if you want to take someone with you, I will come with you but not alone, along with my lawyer. Rakhi said, Inspector sir, please don’t fall for his words. Please arrest Anupama. That’s all!

Baa said, Inspector, arrest me too! I also committed a crime. Inspector asked What crime have you committed? Baa replied I had slapped Rakhi Dave. The Inspector said, When? Baa said now! Like this… Everyone said, Baa! Baa!

Rakhi said I told you, this entire family is insane! Arrest everyone! Everyone tries to calm Baa! Rakhi said, Arrest her…

From back Kinjal’s voice came, no need to arrest anyone! Everyone was shocked and looked towards Kinjal and Paritosh as married!

Kinjal said, Inspector, we are adults. Toshu said We got married of our own will. Here are our marriage registration documents.

Inspector said Ms. Rakhi, your daughter has married with her own will. So, even we can’t take any action.

Rakhi said, my daughter, is innocent. She has been misled. Inspector said your daughter is an adult. She is saying that she has got married of her own will, in her complete sense. So, we can’t do anything! I am sorry! After saying that, the police go away from there.

Toshu said, we are sorry. We had never thought that we would have a court marriage without our families and parents’ permission. Kinjal said We had no option either! Anupama said, Get in! Now, whatever has to be said will be said inside the house.

Anupama stops rakhi to slap kinjal

Meanwhile, Rakhi came towards Kinjal and tried to slap her. But Anupama interrupts and hold Rakhi’s hand.

Rakhi said, How you dare stop me! How dare you come between my daughter and me! Anupama said I am not between you and your daughter while I came between you and my daughter-in-law! You might beat your daughters, but we don’t. By the way, before accusing the kids, please remember that you are at fault. Had you agreed happily to this marriage, they wouldn’t have had to take this step.

Rakhi angrily replied I would deal with you and your entire family later! MamiJi replied yes, of course. We will send you the family picture; you will watch us relax. Rakhi said I would make your life miserable; I will make your life worse than life. So far, you have experienced only my love, Kinjal. But hereafter, You will experience my wrath as well.

Baa said that’s enough! If you get more angry. You may end suffering a heart attack. And if I got crazy, even the police are not here to stop me!

Rakhi goes away from there angrily. People around there whispered that Mr. Shah’s son eloped and got married. Their families wouldn’t have agreed.

rakhi_ sad and angry

Anupama said Baa, Bapuji, Mamaji, Toshu, and Kinjal come inside the house. Rakhi is angrily walking on the road and saying that you snatched away my daughter with me! Just keep watching. You will have to pay a big price for that mistake. I will destroy you! I will destroy you and your entire family!

On the other side, Anupama is welcoming Toshu and Kinjal inside the house. Meanwhile, Vanraj is saying from the back that Great! Welcome them with the prayer plate! They come back after doing a very great thing. Kinjal said, Sorry, mummy! We didn’t have any other option. Mom was forcibly sending me to the USA. That’s why I had to do this.

Anupama brings Kinjal Toshu inside the house

Vanraj shouts over Kinjal and Paritosh:

Vanraj said I had told you to let me talk to Mrs. Dave. Whether she would get convinced or not is a different thing. At least you should have given me a chance. Couldn’t you guys even wait for 24 hours? Then he said to Anupama that this is the result of your love for them. They have committed the mistake, but you are nicely welcoming the prince. Great! Encourage him more. Encourage the kids so that Samar and Paakhi do the same in the future!

Anupama replied, Whatever happened is right, just that their way of doing that was wrong. Toshu, didn’t you trust your parents? Didn’t you even think once about your families? Kinjal said Maa, we were afraid. We really don’t understand what to do. I am sorry, Maa. Toshu said it felt as if aren’t left with any other way. We couldn’t think properly. Even, we didn’t know what to do. We did what we think was right. We were really afraid, mom!

Vanraj clapped and said, Wow! You were afraid! Look at this reason! Does that give you the right to ruin your family’s reputation? You saw what a scene she created, right? And Kinjal you… You know very well hows your mom is? Then also!

Anupama replied, Stop it now. Things happened what needs to happen. Will shouting over them change anything? Baa said he might stop. But her mom, she won’t keep quiet. She will indeed find a way to send us to jail! I give it to you in writing. That snake can’t keep quiet without biting! May it be at our house, in our lane, or at the resort, she never left a chance to defame us. And till yesterday, Kinjal was with her then also she is not peace. Now, Kinjal will be living here. God knows what she will do now! Bapuji said, stay calm, Leela! A big scene was created already.

Baa replied that is exactly why I am saying this. I don’t want a scene to be created in our house every day. If she lives here, then her mom will come every day. She will do a new drama every day. Kinjal said Okay, Baa! If that what you think, I will leave from here.

Toshu and Kinjal said to leave the house:

Toshu also said not just you, but we! If you people have so much problems with us being here, then we shall leave from here. Anyway, nobody understands us here. Everyone is just bothered about themselves. One is bothered about her reputation and others about their happiness. Well, we had forgotten that you could do as you wish here. But not us.

Baa said, listen to him! He made a mistake, embarrassed us, and now, he is taunting us. Toshu replied Baa; even Dad has committed a mistake. But you still want him to live with us. I had formed the relationship, Baa. Dad has a broken one. Let’s go, Kinjal.

Anupama said Toshu! Toshu replied, no, mummy! Don’t stop us. We have done married. She left her house, her wealth, and her parents behind to live with me here. And if she isn’t accepted here, I can’t stay here either, mummy. I think mummy that is only crying lies in our fate. First, we kept crying for each other, and now, we will cry to be with our family. Let’s go, Kinjal! Anupama said Enough, said too much, okay. Samar, Sweety, Nandini bring them inside. Go to your room.

In the next scene, Kavya thinks that Neither is V answering my calls nor replying to my messages. God knows where he is. He isn’t even at the office or with any of his friends. God knows whether he is in the hotel or at Anupama’s house. Meanwhile, Anirudh came and said, Good morning, wifey! And give coffee to Kavya as your coffee. Kavya brings the coffee mug, throws the coffee in a plant, and replies; I am not your wife.

Anirudh responded, legally, you still are. Just the same way as Mrs. Shah is still Vanraj’s wife. “Bin pende ka Lota,” have you heard this idiom? It fits perfectly with your boyfriend. He keeps getting kicked out to and fro! Sometimes he is with Anupama and sometimes with Kavya. Poor thing. Anyway!

Anupama said Kids made a mistake. But the stubbornness forced them to do it. All the problems come up in this relationship from the first day; Kinjal and Toshu were never responsible. Sometimes, it was my teaching job sometimes. Rakhi’s stubbornness while sometimes… Toshu and Kinjal wanted to get married without blessings. But when they felt that this couldn’t happen, then…

Vanraj interrupts, then? They got married secretly, and now you are defending them. Right? What about that lady? The madwoman Rakhi Dave, She will make our lives miserable! She just gave us a demo of her madness. Anupama replied No matter what she does; we will support Toshu and Kinjal. Kinjal is a part of our family now. We should be equally responsible for looking after Kinjal. Bapuji said Anupama is absolutely right.

Vanraj said they did marry from their wish. But to accept, this or not is our wish. Bapuji said it is a marriage, not a rumor that forbids us to believe or accept it. Anupama replied, Bapuji is absolutely right. They performed the wedding with rituals in the presence of God in the temple. They have vowed to be with each other forever. Marriage, a relationship between a husband and his wife; it’s not a kid’s play. Not even a joke that when you got bored, you broke the relationship or ended it. A relationship can be sensitive or weak but never a joke.

Precap: Baa said, till now, you were a mother, wife, and daughter-in-law. But, now you have become a mother-in-law. So now, your responsibilities have increased by four times. Anupama said to God that always be there for me in the journey of this new relation. Today, Kinjal cooked food for the first time in our house. Kinjal said Baa, sweeten your mouth. Baa replied the spices which your mother give to us, then no amount of sweet thing can sweeten my mouth. Kinjal asked, Are you keep taunting me because of my mom. Baa said I am the eldest mother-in-law in this house. Let her understand, not to argue with me.