Kumkum Bhagya: Robbers created chaos at Mehra Mansion

Abhi was about to put the ring on Pragya’s finger. Sarita Ji and dadi were happy that finally, God answered their prayers. Robber disguised as waiter gave intoxicated juice to Meera, saying dadi has asked you to drink as it is a ritual. Meera sipped it and fainted. This incident distracted everyone, including Abhi. Riya asked to call a doctor. Goga asked if anybody in the guest is a doctor? Pallavi’s doctor and the robber disguised as the doctor came forward. The fake doctor asked to take Meera to a room so that she can rest.

Prachi was avoiding Ranbir.

Ranbir was looking for Prachi. They saw each other. Before Ranbir could say anything, Prachi interrupted him. Then she recalled Riya’s words, which made her suffering worst. She looked at him with hatred.

Ranbir stretched his arms to hug her, but Prachi said Mr. Ranbir Kohli, stayed away from me, and turned her face. Ranbir tried to say something, but Prachi told him to keep her name out of his mouth. Then she ran crying. Ranbir ran after her.

Meanwhile, the robber posing as the doctor gave his car keys to Goga to get the first aid box from his car to give an injection to Meera.

Mitali thought Meera fainted because she might have eaten something wrong. Aliya asked if she was a doctor? Mitali said we must stop our guests from eating something wrong.

The fake doctor asked everyone to leave, but Riya insisted on staying with her would-be mom. Abhi explained to her that the doctor would take care of Meera. They all came downstairs.

Dida was uncomfortable about how guests will react to this incident? However, dadi took it as a sign from God to stop this engagement. Raj, standing at a distance from them, was also feeling the same thing that destiny always brings Abhi and Pragya together.

Pallavi thanked her doctor that specially came for her checkup. Then she asked him to do a checkup of dida, who was very reluctant about this. Pallavi managed to convince her finally.

Pragya said that she was feeling something awkward. Aliya said everything is fine. Pandit Ji had finalized a very auspicious time for this engagement, so don’t give me any foolish logic. Abhi interrupted Aliya.

Pragya recalled the tattoos on the doctor’s hand, and she told Abhi that he is the same robber from the jewelry showroom.

Meanwhile, the fake doctor asked Meera to remove the necklace. Meera felt suspicious and tried to escape from there, pretending to vomit. They hold her legs, but she kicked them and came out of the room holding the necklace in her hand. The robbers ran after her.

Prachi hid in a closet.

Ranbir pleaded with Prachi to give him a chance to explain himself, but she said he wouldn’t be able to explain anything, it’s over and locked herself in a closet to hide from him. He came inside the room and saw her dupatta stuck in the closet.

A robber was wandering in Kohli Mansion. He called his other companions to enter Mehra Mansion.

Pallavi, dida, and the doctor were also in their home.

Pragya asked Abhi to save Meera, but Abhi said tattoos could be similar too.

Pragya caught the necklace.

In the next scene, everyone heard Meera shouting that they are the robbers from the jewelry showroom and after the necklace. She threw the necklace towards Pragya, asking her to catch which she caught. A robber threw a knife at Pragya, but she bent down. The happy atmosphere turned chaotic. There was a gunshot too.

Ranbir tried to talk to Prachi again, saying I know you are inside. I know you are deeply hurt, but please allow me at least once to clear myself. I want to apologize because I am weak. I should have told you this earlier but I couldn’t. I wanted you to hate me so that you don’t get hurt. I just wanted you to leave me. I was not rejecting you. You are the best girl, and you are so good that I don’t deserve you. He revealed that to make her hate him, he did all this and said, the moments spent with you are the best moments of my life. Prachi thought if she was so good, then why is he getting married to Riya?

Ranbir said, I know you must be wondering if you are so good then why I agreed to marry Riya?

He said the most important person in our lives is our mother. Then he told her everything. I couldn’t see her suffer. I am sorry.

Prachi recalled Shaina and her friends insulting her, saying she is a servant and Ranbir is a prince and only Riya deserves him. And if he ever tries to justify his action, then it means he is again trying to timepass with you.

This made her feel that he was still trying to befool her. She started crying. Ranbir was crying too, sitting on the floor.

Pragya hid the necklace in a vase and locked herself in a room; however, they managed to capture her. At the same time, Abhi and others were beating the robbers downstairs.

Pragya told the robbers that the necklace was with her. She asked if she gives them the necklace, then would they spare everyone? A robber replied, we promise except the girl who spoilt our plan in the showroom, we will not harm anyone. They were talking about Riya. They held Pragya at gunpoint.

Riya was in the Kohli Mansion looking for Ranbir. Robbers started chasing her, saying she had spoilt their plan.

Riya ran, shouting and alerting Kohlis that the showroom robbers were here. They all reached the same room in which Ranbir and Prachi were already there.

The robbers also reached into the room and said, you spoilt our plan in the showroom. Now you will have to pay for it. The episode ended.


The robbers capture Prachi, saying you are also Abhi’s daughter. If not Roya, then you will pay for her.

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