Imlie: Satyakam and Mithi meet Shashank

As the episode starts, everybody is busy with Aditya’s wedding rituals. Aparna calls Nidhi to do some rituals. Nidhi goes near Aditya and does the necessary rituals. Imlie comes there. Apana calls Imlie near Aditya. Nidhi says, “our little girl Imlie is looking very pretty today.”

Taiji also compliments Imlie. Apana says, “ we should take care of Imlie because she is looking very pretty today.” Tauji says, “ shall we plan for Imlie’s wedding?”.

Imlie remembers that she has to go today. Pankaj says, “ one day, Imlie will get married.” Imlie is standing near Aditya, and she notices their image in the mirror. Imlie thinks “my mother was always right, the things we see in mirror are virtual.

She thinks that she and Aditya have no match. Imlie gets very emotional and she goes from there. Nidhi says “it looks like Imlie felt shy”. At Chaturvedi house, Malini goes near Dev. Dev shows Malini a canvas. Dev asks “ do you remember this?”.

Malini says “yes, it was the first time you drew me on canvas”. Malini says” I had to stand for four hours in the same pose for the painting”. Dev says “ Aditya is a good man, he will keep you happy”. Malini replies “ yes, his many characteristics are just like you”.

Anu comes there. Anu says “ I hope Aditya’s all characteristics are not like Dev”.

Malini asks “ why are you saying this”.Dev says “ Anu is trying to say, Aditya will keep you much more happy than me”. Malini hugs Dev and Anu. Shashank comes there.

He says “ very emotional scene is going here”. Anu asks Shashank to take a family picture. Anu, Dev and Malini pose together for the picture. Shashank clicks the picture. Anu tells Shashank “ show me the picture”.

As Shashank shows Anu the picture, Anu notices Mithi’s painting behind the picture. Anu feels very bad, she removes the painting from background. Anu tells Shashank “ delete the previous picture and click a new picture”. Malini asks “ what’s the problem with previous picture”.

Anu says “ there was a useless thing behind our picture but I have removed it now”. Shashank clicks one more picture. At Tripathi house, Aditya and other family members are performing the rituals. Imlie comes there with her small bag. Imlie tries to hide her bag from the other family members.

Everybody starts dancing as Aditya’s procession is about to leave for Chaturvedi house. Imlie’s bag fells on the ground and some people put their feet on the bag while dancing. Imlie tries to pick her bag. Imlie notices that her bangles are broken.

She feels very bad. She remembers that Mithi had packed the bag for Imlie with so much love. Imlie remembers her mother and starts crying. Mithi is feeling very weird. Satyakam asks her “what happened?”.

Mithi says “ I feel like something is not good.” Satyakam says ” don’t worry, you will be very happy when you will meet Aditya and Imlie.” Mithi says “ I am very excited to meet my daughter after so many days.” Satyakam notices some police Vans nearby.

Satyakam covers his face. As Satyakam and Mithi are about to cross the road, a car hits them. The car is driven by Shashank. Dev tells Shashank “why are you driving so fast?”. Shashank says “ you just sit here. I will go and see what happened”.

Shashank comes out of the car and he goes near Satyakam. Shashank says “ can’t you see the car?”. Satyakam says “ I was crossing the road correctly, but you were driving very fast.” Shashank says “ I know you want to take money from me.” Dev tries to get out of the car.

Anu stops Dev and says “ you have worn an expensive dress, and we have cash with us. Let Shashank handle the matter”. Shashank tells Satyakam “ get out from here and don’t show me your face again.” He says that he will beat Satyakam with shoes.

Satyakam threatens Shashank by showing him his gun. Mithi holds Satyakam’hand.

Mithi says “let’s go from here, and the police are also here.” Satyakam tells Shashank “go and sit in the car without saying anything.” Shashank gets inside his car.

Dev feels the presence of Mithi there. Dev opens his car’s window. Mithi and Satyakam pass from there. Dev says to himself “ I feel like she is present near me.” Dev remembers all his memories of Pagdandiya. At Chaturvedi house, the procession arrives.

Malini looks at Aditya from a window. A girl asks Malini “ you waited for seven years. Can’t you wait a little more to see him?”. Malini says “I never saw him in groom’s dress before. Aditya and Malini look towards each other.

Some girls go to the door to welcoming Aditya and his family. Imlie is very sad. Dhruv receives a call. Dhruv is talking on the phone when he notices Imlie.

He goes near Imlie and asks, “ what are you doing here alone?”. Dhruv notices the bag in her hand and asks, “ what is in this bag?”. Imlie tries to hide the bag. Imlie thinks, “ I cannot tell you that I have to go today.”

She says to herself, “ I can’t even tell anybody that today is my last day here.” Dhruv says,” give me the bag, I will keep it safe.” He tells Imlie that Nidhi is searching for her. Imlie gives Dhruv her bag. Dhruv goes from there.