Choti Sardarni 30th December 2020 Episode: Kulwant Kaur Dhillon asks for Meher’s forgiveness

After recovering from the sudden breathless situation, Aditi looked at Sarabjeet with her eyes filled with immense guilt. Sarabjeet’s brotherhood over enmity melted her heart instantly, and finally, the truth triumphed once again.

Param wiped Aditi’s tears as he continued to express how he lived in the house happily despite all the problems he had faced. He told how they smiled and tackled all the hurdles with unity.

“Please don’t cry, Aditi bua. There are so many people around us who don’t even have a blanket to sleep. Meher mother and father have always taught me that we don’t need luxuries but family to survive. We have been living here happily,” said Param.

Aditi hugged her and apologized to him for all the problems that they have been facing in the house due to her decision. Montu and his friends called Param outside to play, and he left after wiping Aditi’s tears.

Aditi looked at Sarabjeet and Meher and, without wasting any time, apologized to them as well.

“I am really sorry brother for all that I have done to you all. I gave you so much pain, still you took care of me right now. I am sorry,” cried Aditi. She looked at Meher and said, “I am sorry Meher.

I have hurt you too. Both of you please forgive me. I did everything for the sake of my husband. I really love him and he badly wanted his child Karan. I just wanted to win his love. I didn’t realize how wrong I was as I made a decision without thinking about the difficulties you’ll have to face in future.”

Meher and Sarabjeet forgave her and hugged her.

Suddenly, Vikram said that he doesn’t need Karan now and he will never ask for his custody in the future.

“I don’t want Karan now. You were doing all this for me right? Now, I am saying that I don’t want Karan. Even after facing so much of difficulties you never gave up.

I know that you will never leave your family under any circumstances and I am sure that you will never leave Karan fatherless. Today I have realized that a father who gives birth is not the father. A father is the one who gives the child proper upbringing and values.

I am proud that my Karan has a father like you. After a few days, Karan would start saying “father,” and I want him to term only you as his father for the rest of his life. Whatever Aditi did was for me and somewhere we both are equally responsible. So please forgive us.

You were right, you have passed this exam with distinction. Now that you have passed, it is time to go to a bigger classroom, your Gill Mansion,” said Vikram.

“Yes Sarabjeet brother, please come to Gill Mansion, the house is waiting for you,” cried Aditi.

Sarabjeet hugged Vikram and told Meher that she had found Vicky’s real man whom she had been praising since their marriage. He turned to Harleen and told her to send the cops back as she didn’t want to lodge any case against Aditi after she had finally realized her mistake.

“You are really an avatar of God,” said Harleen.

Meher thanked all the family members present in her house and said that she was now sure that their family would always stay united. She also said that money doesn’t matter; the family does.

Sarabjeet said, “Since the New Year is round the corner, we all must forget our past differences and move on happily. Let’s forgive each other today and forget everything that had happened in the past.”

Kulwant interrupted and asked, “Son-in-law, am I not included in this? Meher didn’t forgive me.”

She turned towards Meher and pleaded to forgive her. But Meher told her not to act the way she was acting.

Kulwant started cursing herself and went outside crying after saying that she had no place in Meher’s heart and life.

Sarabjeet went to Kulwant and consoled her. He said that what she was thinking about Meher was wrong.

“I know that you didn’t like Meher’s behaviour, but what you did with Meher wasn’t right as well,” he said.

“I know I have done wrong, but that doesn’t mean I’ll have to bear the pain for the rest of my life. I did everything for Meher’s bright future and wanted her to get married to a prince like you. A mother never looks at what is right or wrong when it comes to her daughter. But why is she punishing me? She doesn’t look or talk to me,” cried Kulwant.

Sarabjeet said, “Who are we to decide what is right or wrong? Let God take this decision. Meher has always respected you and there hasn’t been a single day when she didn’t remember you. She really loves you.”

Kulwant turned towards Meher and told her to hug her once if she loved her. Instead of hugging her, Meher went inside without uttering a word.

“I tried my best to give Meher mother as well as father’s love. But I have realized that I have failed to be a good mother as well as a good father to Meher,” cried Kulwant.

Kulwant’s grandson went to her as told by other family members. He said that Kulwant’s smile is lost in the house.

“From today onwards, Kulwant’s smile will never return,” said Kulwant.

Suddenly, the room’s lights started fluctuating, and there was a sound of drums coming from outside the house.

Is there a surprise for Kulwant Kaur Dhillon? Watch tonight’s episode to find out.