Kumkum Bhagya 30 December 2020 Written Update

The robbers attacked to get the necklace, but Abhi, Pragya, and Ranbir fought with them bravely. The police reached and caught them finally, and Abhi got engaged to Meera.

The episode started with the robber, Guru counting down for Riya to come out and not test his patience. He was furious because Riya took the necklace with her, and the police caught a few.

Prachi was witnessing all this from inside the closet. She saw Ranbir and Riya hiding behind a sofa. She was worried for her hence came out to save her. She tried to mislead the robbers by saying nobody was hiding in the room. Guru recognized her as Pragya’s daughter and said though Riya marred our plan, you are her sister. You both are daughters of Abhi and Pragya, and you can also be punished on her behalf. However, Prachi managed to run from them. When Ranbir tried to go after her, Riya behaved selfishly and tried to stop him, but Ranbir was determined to save her, so he ran after her. Riya and his family members too followed him.

Ranbir fought with the robbers for Prachi while Abhi and Pragya fought with the robbers for each other.

Prachi was caught. Guru asked her to call out her sister, but she denied saying she doesn’t have any sister. Ranbir reached there and fought with them; however, robbers held him at gunpoint and started hitting him. Ranbir’s family and Riya also reached there and got worried for him. Riya blamed Prachi for Ranbir being beaten. Prachi threw the book at one of the robbers, and they got distracted. Ranbir and the rest of them started hitting them again.

While at the Mehra Mansion, Pragya was held at gunpoint. In exchange for the necklace, Goga said we had agreed to your condition of not harming anyone except the girl who spoilt our plan, but you still didn’t tell us anything. Another robber said that girl is Riya. Abhi couldn’t bear Pragya in danger and warned them not to harm her. The robber threatened him. Pragya reacted to Abhi and said, that I will not spare you if you say any bad word.

Goga said it seems that you both love each other a lot.

Abhi snatched the gun from him, and they started fighting. Pragya said, if you do anything to me, Abhi will kill you. Amidst this, a robber hit on Abhi’s hand, and it agonized Pragya. She hit him back badly and asked how dare he hit Abhi? Abhi was very impressed with her fighting and concern for him. Sarita Ji and dadi smiled to see them come closer.

Officer Saho reached with his team the next moment and took charge. Abhi and Pragya got sentimental, stood close, and started talking to each other as if there was no misunderstanding between them ever. Abhi called her ‘fuggi,’ and Pragya called him ‘Rockstar.’ However, they realized it immediately and stood apart. Then they moved in opposite directions.

Dadi slapped Goga, saying, you tried to hurt Abhi and Pragya! They can go to any extent for each other.

Aliya told the police that Riya was in Kohli Mansion. The police said, don’t worry, and a few of them went there to nab other robbers.

Pragya applied ointment on Abhi’s wound, and her love and concern for Abhi were evident with her gestures.

Meera got a first aid box for Abhi. Aliya thought Pragya would be hurt to see Meera taking care of Abhi, but Pragya took it from her hands and started dressing Abhi’s wound.

Aliya got angry, took Meera into a corner, and questioned her about it. Meera said her love for Abhi is like Meera’s love for Lord Krishna. She will adore him forever. Pragya is Radha, and only Radha can pair with Krishna. Aliya said, stop being foolish. I have been trying to give you Rukmini’s position. I have done a lot for you. You can’t digest getting married to such a wealthy person like Abhi. Try to upgrade your level.

Meanwhile, Pragya was applying ointment to Abhi with great care and love. Dadi told Sarita Ji that they both are lost in each other. They are not bothered about the world. Sarita Ji asked if they love each other so much, then why don’t they unite again? Dadi replied, because few people here don’t let this happen. Meera got hurt and went towards her room. Abhi noticed that and went after her leaving Pragya.

Guru threatened Ranbir because he fought with her for Prachi and said he would take revenge.

While at Kohli Mansion, the fight was still on. A robber tried to hit Prachi with a vase, but Ranbir stood in front of her. The vase was about to get into his chest, but Prachi managed to save him.

The police reached there and captured the robbers. However, Guru told Ranbir that you fought with me for this girl Prachi, you will have to pay for it. I will come back to take revenge. Ranbir approached Prachi, but she said mom must be looking for her and left.

Pallavi asked Riya to go and attend Abhi’s engagement. She said we all are here. The doctor is here. We will take care of Ranbir. Don’t worry! Riya left.

When Abhi was consoling Meera, Pragya saw this and misunderstood, and they were hugging each other.

Meera was crying in her room when Abhi reached there. She told Abhi that she could see his love for Pragya. Abhi replied everyone except Pragya could see this. Meera said I respect you a lot and was worried for you. She held Abhi’s hand and came close to him. Pragya, who came upstairs to get the necklace, saw this and got hurt.

While coming downstairs, she met Prachi and Sarita Ji and asked about Shahana. Sarita Ji replied that she fought with Aryan and left for home in anger, and it is good that she did not see all this. Abhi came downstairs with Meera. Riya also reached there and saw Pragya and Prachi. She recalled Ranbir’s desperation to save Prachi. She also recalled Aliya saying Pragya only loves Prachi. Riya ignored them, approached Meera, and asked if she was OK?

Abhi thanked the police. Pragya said this is the necklace the robbers were looking for. Then she praised Meera for her bravery. She was about to give the necklace to the police, but Riya took it from her hand and said I like it very much, and it suits my mom. Though she is beautiful, it will enhance her beauty more. Then she asked Abhi if she can buy this for Meera? Abhi said, yes. Then he told the police that he would talk to Ramniklal. Pragya remained silent.

Ranbir confessed her concern for Prachi in front of dida; on the other hand, Aliya called everyone to start the engagement. Dadi thought, why doesn’t Abhi understand God’s sign and backout?

While at the Kohli Mansion, the doctor did a checkup of dida and asked Pallavi not to worry as she was OK. Dida said, this is what I have been trying to tell her, but since daughters-in-law started listening to their mothers-in-law? The doctor said you both care for each other a lot. Ranbir also came there. Pallavi went to drop the doctor.

Dida scolded Ranbir for putting his life in danger for Prachi. Ranbir said mom had asked me not to marry her, and I obeyed her, but whenever Prachi needs me, I will help her.

In the next scene, the rituals of the engagement started. Abhi was looking at Pragya while putting the ring on Meera’s finger. He got hurt seeing her clap in joy.

Meera said this ring is loose. Dadi said because it is meant for someone else. Abhi said, how does it matter, dadi? It was bought for her, and now she is wearing it. Then Meera put the ring on Abhi’s finger, and Aliya announced it’s done. Abhi’s aunt got sweets for everyone. The episode ended.


Poorab tells Abhi that he will not let this wedding happen.

What will be the impact of Poorab’s entry? How will Pragya react to Ranbir’s Roka with Riya? We will get answers in the next article.