Anupama 28 December 2020: Anupama Stops Varmala Of Kinjal And Paritosh

The episode starts with Anupama working on Toshu’s wedding turban; meanwhile, Vanraj said, listen! And Anupama got hurt by the needle. He asked, are you okay? Anupama replied, do you need anything? She looked at the album in front of her and brought that and gave that to Vanraj by saying, the album of Paritosh’s pictures.

Anupama remembers the Toshu’s engagement day when she said to Vanraj that today is Paritosh’s engagement. That time she said to Vanraj I have one complaint against my children. They grew up too quickly.

Vanraj said, isn’t it strange? When our children are about to get married, we recall their childhood. Anupama replied the reason is that after getting married, he will be more than just our child. We desire to live then moments when he was just our son. Vanraj saw a picture and said in this picture, Toshu was seven years old. He did not want to go to school and said, get me married.

Anupama replied, yes, he used to believe that getting married would save him school. Both of them laughed. Vanraj said Anupama! I could not spend as much time with the kids as I should have or wanted to. And I am not able to do that now too. But you always spend time with them. You are always with them. I am glad that you are still with them.

Anupama replied, I am with kids only, but not with you. I will fulfill all my responsibilities of being a mother. Don’t expect anything more than that. Vanraj said Kavya was my expectation, which is fulfilled now. Kavya is my present and future as well.

Anupama asked, then what are you doing with your past? Go to sleep!

Nandini said to Samar, Good night! Samar replied, Good night! He said, Ms. Lol! Come early tomorrow morning. We have to do wedding decorations, okay. Nandini replied, yes, don’t worry. While going towards the house,

Nandini saw two boys coming, she got afraid, but Samar came and joined her. She becomes confident. Then both walked and the song “Mana ke hume pyar nahi” played in the background.

Nandini waked Samar from a daydream and asked, what are you doing? Samar replied, dreaming in the day. She asked about whom? Samar opened the gate of Nandini’s house, and she went inside the house.

The next morning, Dolly says, hey, Meenu, wait, let me see your hair. Bapuji asked Samar how much is done? He replied, it’s all done. Meanwhile, Anupama’s mother reached there, and Bapuji welcomes her at home.

Samar touched her grandmother’s feet and said after a long time. Where is uncle? She replied Bhavesh had to go out for two days. He has gone to Jamnagar for training. He will be back in two days. Bapuji replied its okay. Work is important. She asked I don’t see my co-in-law. Bapuji said, yes, where is my Leela?

Bapuji turned around and was shocked. Mamaji shouts and said brother-in-law, she seems miserable. Baa came and welcomed Anupama’s mother. She asked Baa, why are you wearing that around your neck? Is it a sprain?

Baa replied, what should I say? I danced so much yesterday that this happened. Dolly, said Baa, did you shake your neck too much? Samar said to Nandini, just imagine grandma b-boying! Hilarious!

Baa said I got so tired dancing that I fell asleep quickly. When I woke up in the morning, I had a sprain in the neck. Bapuji asked who told you to be Helen? Meenu asked her, grandma, will you stay like this in the whole function and destroy the pictures.

Baa replied, I am in terrible pain, and you care about the photos? I took out this expensive necklace from the locker. I thought I would wear that at Toshu’s wedding and click nice pictures. But how can I wear it over this neckband?

Samar said, Baa, you can wear it over it. Baa replied, shut up! Just because Paritosh doesn’t have a sister-in-law, so you are making fun of your grandma. Baa said, you are right. The photos will not be good in the neckband. Dolly, bring it out.

Meanwhile, Anupama came there, and everyone is amazed by seeing her. Samar said rock star! She came and hugged her mother. Vanraj came downstairs and touched Anupama’s mother’s feet and said Jai Shree Krishna, Maaji. She replied, be happy, Vanraj.

Vanraj remembers when Anupama’s mother becomes delighted with his coming. She said, son-in-law! Please come. Welcome!

Vanraj tried to say something, but Anupama’s mother said, let it be. There’s nothing left to discuss. When there’s no relationship left, there’s nothing to fulfill. Anupama looked at her and indicated to her not to say anything.

Baa said, daughter-in-law, Vanraj, and you have to light the lamp. It is a ritual. You have to fulfill it. Bapuji said parents do a lot for their children.

Vanraj and Anupama lighted a lamp together for Toshu and Kinjal. Anupama asked God that today is my Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding. Bless us, Lord, so that the wedding is solemnized peacefully. Vanraj prays everything will happen nicely, Lord, without any interruption.

Meanwhile, Rakhi came and said, good morning, everyone. Anupama said Jai Shree Krishna, Ms. Rakhi.

Baa said anyone brings my black specks. Bapuji asked, why? What happened? Baa replied she looks like a 1000 watt bulb. My eyes hurt when I see her. Rakhi said, wow! It looks so good to see both (Vanraj and Anupama) families together. Looking at you, no one can tell you live separately now.

Baa said taunting is a mother-in-law’s job, not yours. Rakhi replied exactly. Then why do you taunt me? You are not my mother-in-law.

Baa said because my mother-in-law used to say that you must give people what they deserve. And what’s this? It is your daughter’s wedding. You should have dressed appropriately today. And again, you left your husband.

Rakhi replied, no, Baa. He had a very important meeting. So he has to go there. He couldn’t miss it. He has sent his apologies. Baa asked what kind of meeting is more important than his daughter’s wedding. Did you do something again? Vanraj stopped Baa.

Anupama said, anyways, congratulations, Ms. Rakhi. Your daughter is getting married today. Rakhi replied, it is not a wedding but a waste of yours. Last night, you told me that I should hurt you and make you suffer instead. So, be ready. Whatever happens, will be targeted directly to you.

Anupama thought, I don’t know what’s on Rakhi’s mind. Give me the strength to handle it all, lord.

Rakhi said, where are the bride and groom? Anupama replied they are getting ready. I will go and bring Kinjal. Vanraj said, and I will bring Paritosh.

Baa said it’s either less or excess at places. And there is a midpoint between them. It’s called perfect. Is it real? Rakhi said, excuse me! Baa said, yes! Rakhi replied, what do you mean? That I would wear fake jewelry at my daughter’s wedding? All of it is real! Did you not like it?

Mamaji said, I like it. I like this girl. Rakhi replied, what nonsense! Mamaji said, oh, look, she is fluent in English too. Sister, get me married to her. Samar said, mama, buddy! She is Toshu brother’s mother-in-law. Mamaji replied, what! I know. I remember it. Rakhi said this man is crazy. Mamaji replied, thank you!

Vanraj and Anupama walk together while Vanraj asks, do tell me if you need any help. Anupama replied, okay, I will. Vanraj said we had organized it at home, yet everything turned out so well. Anupama agreed; meanwhile, Vanraj had a call from Kavya; Anupama saw that and leaves from there.

Vanraj picked the video call. Kavya said, Wow! You look handsome, V. Vanraj replied, thanks. Didn’t you go to the office yet? Kavya said I am about to go. Don’t worry. I will reach there on time. Vanraj replied, All the best! I know it’s not going to be easy to handle Vishal Sharma.

Kavya said, thanks, are you enjoying yourself there? Vanraj replied, yes, everything is fine. It is normal. Kavya asked did Anupama say anything. Vanraj replied, no. Kavya said you might be suffering from back pain due to sleep on the sofa in the hall, right? Vanraj replied, no, I slept in my room.

Kavya said, oh! So, did Anupama ask for money? Vanraj replied, no. Kavya said, did she really not ask you, or you don’t want to tell me? Vanraj replied Kavya, please! Don’t get to start this in the morning. Kavya replied, sorry! V, shall I attend the wedding? I really wish to attend it. I feel so lonely here.

Vanraj said, Kavya, how long will we argue over the same topic? Have you called up to spoil my mood? If yes, then congratulations, you are successful. Thank you very much.

Vanraj cuts the call. Kavya thought, this is not fair, V. you are enjoying with your family while I am all alone here.

Samar runs and said, okay! Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome… Hashtag JalTosh… Kinjal and Paritosh came.

Kinjal walks forward with Paritosh and asks Rakhi, mom! Where is Dad? Rakhi replied, sorry, dear. Your father had an important meeting with his new international investors. He had to go; So, he sends his apologies. He is going to miss your wedding. Kinjal said, no problem, mom! I am feeling bad, but it’s okay. I understand. Do not worry. Baa and Bapuji will perform rituals from my side.

Bapuji said, you said it right, dear. You are our daughter. We will perform the ritual. Panditji said, please come here, everyone. Let’s solemnize the garland rituals first.

Everyone is clapping, and Samar said JalToshu is going to get married! Panditji said, both of you please garland each other.

Anupama interrupts and said one minute. Let’s not do it. What’s the point of this marriage? It is not needed.

Precap: Kinjal and Paritosh’s garland is happening happily. Rakhi thought, just wait for a little. There will be an explosion soon whose intensity will outdo that of the sacred fire! Panditji said the groom’s parents should place their hands under his; meanwhile, Kavya came and put her hand also. She said it’s my boyfriend’s son’s wedding. I had to come.