Choti Sardarni 28th December 2020 episode: Meher free from police custody

While Meher was worriedly waiting for Sarabjeet with the hope that he would get her out of jail by bringing the real culprit, Sarabjeet was struggling to win the battle against Ganja paaji.

In the previous episode, Meher took the blame on herself to save Param from going to juvenile jail under false charges of theft. The only way left to save Meher was to bring the person who was actually behind, forcing kids to do all the thefts in their area.

Param continued to cheer for his father, but Ganja Paji said that his father has already lost. Param defended his father and said that my father never loses.

“Singh papa never gives up or loses. If you ever dare to trouble me or my friends again then Singh papa will make you a crow,” said Param proudly.

Param and his friends attacked Ganja paji by tickling him. On the other hand, Sarabjeet continued to beat the other goons but got thrashed by them too.

Suddenly, Sarabjeet heard Param’s cries as he shouted out his name and asked him to help him. Ganja Paji held Param upside down just a few inches above the nails that lay on the ground. Sarabjeet got angry after seeing this and said that Ganja Pai made the biggest mistake.

Sarabjeet shouted, “You have made the biggest mistake of your life by threatening a Jatt’s kid. Now this Jatt won’t spare you.”

Meanwhile, Kulwant Kaur, Bittu, and Rana continued looking for Meher. They were in the area where Meher lived but was unable to fund them. Coincidently, one of them pointed towards a hut and told Kulwant that they might be staying in that hut.

“Are you mad? My daughter may be poor right now, but she is not in such grave circumstances that she had to live in a house like that. She would never choose to stay here as she has always lived in palaces. She would never live in a thatched house. ,” said Kulwant.

Suddenly, Meher’s dupatta flew and got stuck on Kulwant’s face. She realized that Meher’s dupatta was by its scent and told Bittu to get Harleen as well in that house.

Outside the police station, Aditi started blaming Sarabjeet for not accepting her offer and ruining the Gill family’s image for the sake of one child.

Aditi said to herself, “Sarabjeet brother is tarnishing the name of the entire Gill family for the sake of one child. I gave him such a nice offer. I could have easily got Meher out of the jail. But he is weird as he is not ready to break Karan’s knot of bond with their family.”

After some time, lady constables took Meher inside the police van to take her to Amritsar jail. Before they could leave, the van stopped, and kids came running in joy, saying that the Ganja paji had been caught. Sarabjeet requested the cops to leave Meher as she wasn’t the real culprit. Param and the other kids, too, became the witness to what Sarabjeet said.

“Please leave Meher. She hasn’t done anything. Ganja Paji was behind all these crimes. So please let her go,” pleaded Sarab.

The cops finally believe them and let go of Meher. She hugged Sarabjeet and Param and thanked them for saving her. The other kids, too, join them.

Vikram called Aditi and asked her why she gave him the sleeping pill? Aditi said that she would do anything to get Karan back.

Vicky said, “How dare you give me a sleeping pill?”

Aditi replied, “Yes, I gave you the sleeping pill. I have been losing everytime in my life. But this time, I won’t lose.”

Meher and Sarab took all the kids to a gurdwara and told them to serve the people as it gives satisfaction to the souls and enough food to survive. Kids engage themselves in the service, and all of them happily do noble chores like cooking and polishing footwears.

Meanwhile, Harleen, Vicky, and Kulwant step inside Meher’s house and are shocked to see how Meher and her family were living. They felt extremely sorry for the couple.

“Sarabjeet can never stay in this house,” said Harleen.

Kulwant said, “The people who used to eat on silver coated plates are now eating dry chapatis and plain veggies. There is no light, no water here. After Meher father passed away, I took care of her and never let her suffer.”

Vikram interrupted her and said, “Today, your daughter is paying for your sins. Look at where she is right now.”

Kulwant cried and agreed that he was right. She said that her daughter is really paying for Kulwantt’s sins.

Meher, Sarabjeet, and all the kids were enjoying their meals in the langar. Meher and Sarabjeet thanked God for saving them from all the troubles every time. A woman with her face covered stared at Meher secretly and said that she would tell Meher everything about Sarabjeet and what he did to me. When the woman felt that Sarabjeet was about to notice him, she hid.

One of the servants of the Gill Mansion identified Meher and Sarabjeet. They told them to come to their house as he has always done his duty by serving them.

“Why didn’t you tell me where you were? I looked everywhere to find you. Now you won’t go anywhere. If you don’t want to go to the Gill Mansion, don’t go. But. stay with me in my house. I have done nothing in my life except of serving you all,” he said.

Sarabjeet requested him to favor him by putting Montu and his friends in one of Punjab’s best boarding schools.

When Meher was alone, the mysterious woman went to her and said that Sarabjeet wasn’t the guy he appeared.

“Sarabjeet is not the man you think he is. He just pretends to be nice. In reality, he is……,” said the woman.

She paused her conversation when she saw Sarabjeet coming towards their direction. She ran away due to fear.

What is Sarabjeet’s secret? Is he not a nice man, or is it another trap laid by someone? Watch tonight’s episode to know more.