Kumkum Bhagya 28 December 2020 Written Update: Prachi was shattered

This episode started with Shahana bringing Prachi into a room who was crying bitterly. She thought, what wrong did she do with Ranbir? “How will mom react after knowing this? Why did he fake engagement with me? I would not have loved him if I had known that Riya and Ranbir love each other.” Said Prachi.

Shahana held herself responsible for this. She told her that she never used to like him. I made you realize his plus points. I wasn’t aware that he would wreak havoc in your life.

Prachi was more hurt with Riya questioning her character. She asked Shahana, “Am I like that? Did I want to take advantage of Ranbir’s inebriated state?”

Shahana consoled her and asked her not to cry for Pragya’s sake. Prachi went to wash her face. Shahana recalled how Riya insulted Prachi. She got angry and went to see Ranbir.

Abhi and Pragya danced together.

Abhi asked Pragya if she was happy? She replied, why are you asking the same question repeatedly? Should I make a tattoo of ‘I am happy’ on my forehead? Abhi reminded her that she had promised to dance in his engagement. Pragya took the mike and announced ‘music please’ and started dancing. Pragya was seen with tears in her eyes while Abhi was disturbed. She fell on his hands while dancing. Abhi, too joined her. Dadi was delighted to see them together. Aliya, Riya, and other family members were shocked. Meera was also not comfortable with Abhi and Pragya coming closer.

Amidst this, the robbers were keeping an eye on Meera. All the guests clapped when the dance was over.

Aliya did not like it, and she asked Abhi to start the ceremony saying Meera was waiting.

Abhi again asked Pragya if she was happy getting him re-married? Pragya asked him the same question and left it on his wish.

Shahana confronted Ranbir:

In the next scene, Ranbir regained consciousness, but he was confused as he didn’t remember anything. Aryan was hesitating to tell him anything. Shahana came there to confront him. Aryan interrupted her, saying it is not the right time. Shahana said, “It is the right time.”

Aryan tried to stop her again. She asked Aryan that is justifiable you defending him because he is your cousin and a rich guy? Ranbir still had no clue about anything. “You are so lucky that Prachi has chosen you because no other boy has ever touched her heart. She is a girl with a heart of gold and good character. People take advantage of her because she thinks from the heart, and the same happened today. Riya has questioned her character. You were drunk and she accused Prachi of taking advantage of you.” Shahana said to Ranbir in anger. He was shocked to hear all this. Shahana said, you left Prachi for a girl like Riya!

The engagement started

And there, Aliya asked her aunt to get the engagement ring. Dadi and Sarita Ji were expecting a miracle not to let this engagement happen.

Pallavi’s doctor came to her checkup, but she wanted to attend the party first.

Abhi took the ring. Pandit Ji started chanting mantras. A sad song was playing in the background.

Pragya was crying inside her heart but hiding her pain from Abhi, who, on the other hand, was wishing her to stop the engagement.

Pragya heard Abhi calling her name! 

Pandit Ji asked Meera to give her hand to Abhi. Aliya and Riya were seen happy while dadi and Sarita Ji were sad.

Abhi was about to put the ring on Meera’s finger. Pragya stopped him by holding his hand. Then she gave her hand to him. Abhi put the ring on her finger. They both were overwhelmed and hugged each other. Then a girl stumbled into Pragya, and she realized it was a dream. Pragya cried more after realizing this. Abhi was looking at Pragya.

Then the engagement ring fell near Pragya’s feet. She heard Abhi calling her name twice but ignored it this time.

Abhi approached her, pick the ring, and asked her if she can’t bear this engagement happen, then why doesn’t she tell him? Pragya said, but you want this engagement to happen. Abhi said, but you don’t want. He said I could not do anything, but you indeed can. Pragya said, but I won’t. He got irritated and said he is fade up with her ‘I don’t care’ attitude. He knows that it affects her.

Then he reminded her of a past incident in which he had said, “If I plan to re-marrying, please stop me.” Assert your right to a wife. Do what makes you happy. Said Abhi. Pragya cried. Abhi hugged her. He again asked that if she was happy with this wedding? This time Pragya said, “not happy!” Abhi said, this is what I wanted to hear.

Pragya heard Abhi calling her again. And the entire scene turned out to be another dream sequence. Abhi was asking her to pass the ring and was standing with Meera, away from her. She then looked at her finger. That was empty. She picked the ring.

Ranbir went looking for Prachi

Aryan said Riya reacted too much. Prachi was helping you. When Ranbir came to know what Riya had done, he asked why she told this to Prachi when I had already instructed her not to do so? Shahana got furious to hear about Roka from Ranbir. She said, “When Riya was saying this, we didn’t believe her, but now I realize it was true. Ranbir tried to explain to her a lot, but she was not willing to listen to anything. She said Prachi used to hate boys like you. You made her believe that you have changed. I should not have helped you come closer to her. Just think about what she would go through? She should never have met you. It’s the biggest mistake of her life.

Ranbir was desperate to see Prachi. Shahana asked do you want to see if she is still alive? Aryan shouted at her, and Ranbir left the room to find Prachi.

Aryan asked Shahana to keep quiet and listen to him. He reminded her that Ranbir couldn’t see his mother in pain, so he had to do this. Shahana said Riya has already declared this story fake. Aryan asked will you trust Riya or him?

Then he asked if Prachi’s mom were against this alliance, what Prachi would do? Anyone would do the same what Ranbir has done. Then Shahana said she also did whatever she felt right. What would Aryan do if he were in her place?

Pragya held the ring.

Pragya picked the ring. She and Abhi walked towards each other. The robbers were closely following Meera’s movements. Abhi and Pragya were in front of each other. The ring fell again. Abhi kneeled to pick it. Pragya stretched her hand and cried. Abhi understood her gesture and smiled that she finally did something to stop the engagement. Meera looked tensed. Abhi held Pragya’s hand to put the ring on her finger. Dadi and Sarita Ji smiled. The episode ended.


Ranbir meets Prachi to clear her misunderstanding. Pragya recognizes that a robber is pretending to be a guest.

Will Ranbir be able to make Prachi understand his problem? Is it another dream of Pragya or reality that Abhi kneeled? How will the robbers execute their plan? Visit this page again for the answers.