Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me: 25 December 2020: Virat blessed Sayi

Virat asks Sayi that she has received everyone’s blessings except him. Ashwini signals Sayi to proceed. Sayi holds his feet. He says that he was kidding; she doesn’t have to touch his foot. Shivani laughs as if Sayi were pulling his legs. Pakhi is jealous and tells Virat he ought to make such jokes in his room with his wife. Virat claims that he did nothing in front of elders that he should not do.

Pakhi’s becoming more jealous. Sayi takes Virat’s hand and says that he is fulfilling the wishes of Aaba by making her a doctor and should indeed bless him.

She touches her feet, and he blesses her to be the greatest doctor in the country. Usha thanks Virat and says, okay, Sayi has joined them to see the success of Sayi, she will tell Kale, Milind, Vahini, and others in Gadchiroli about Sayi is on the list of top 10 in her medical entrance test.

Shivani says that Sayi is going to rest today, and she’s going to make a feast to celebrate the performance of Sayi and feed her sweets. Aswini says no-no. Shivani says she’s going to cook delicious food. Jealous Pakhi goes to the kitchen and cooks poha. Karishma goes in and asks her to add poha with cashews and even groundnuts.

Pakhi had since asked when the family began to like groundnuts. Karishma says things are changing at home, and she saw how with her words, Sayi lured Virat. She should be careful because with great difficulty she can prepare poha and nobody tastes it.

Pakhi burns her hand and drops the utensil with her words in mind.

Looking at Aaba’s photo, Sayi gets emotional. Usha says that Kamal Dada must be proud of her performance, so she shouldn’t weep. Ashwini comes in for food to call, and Sayi asks what has happened. Signals from Usha. Ashwini tries to cheer up Sayi and says today that Shivani Bua has prepared Puran Poli as a feast to celebrate Sayi’s performance. Next, Karishma comes in and insists on coming out as soon as she feels hungry.

Sayi says she doesn’t feel hungry. Ashwini asks if Virat scolded her. Sayi claims he didn’t; he just tricked her. If she doesn’t have her Puran Poli, Shivani comes in and says whoever came to call her down is staying here. Sayi says she doesn’t want to believe she’s throwing tantrums at something. Karishma says it’s evident because Virat always scolds Sayi.

Sayi asks her not to have her teeth exposed.

Bhavani comes in and says everyone is waiting for her in the dining area, and she’s throwing tantrums here. She should know that Sayi begins with all the problems. Sayi says she’s fooling everyone and leaves.

Usha asks her not to let anyone point out the upbringing of Kamal Dada. Sayi says she didn’t let that happen to anybody. Ashwini says she wants to celebrate with the entire family, but she’s adamant. Shivani asks whether she will have her packed Puran poli or not.

No, says Sayi. Ashwini wonders if Virat has misled her. Sayi is silently standing. Karishma says Virat promised to take her to a movie and then to a restaurant, but he quietly walked away. Bhavani screams about why Sayi will pledge Virat. Sayi says she’s going to insist on Virat and get furious at him, pleading for everyone to leave.

This is her home, Bhavani says, and she can go wherever she wishes. Sayi yells that she’s about to go then. She is crossing her boundaries, Ashwini says. Now she realized she was growing a thorn tree, Bhavani says. Sayi asks Bhavani why she always insults her.

Shivani stops her, but she frees herself and demands that Bhavani tell her why she is criticizing her. Bhavani claims she is not only willing to threaten but to slap, too. She slaps Sayi by lifting her fist, but Sayi keeps her hand. Everyone was surprised to see that. To free herself, Bhavani tries her best.

Virat calls Sayi as she runs. Sayi leaves the hand of Bhavani. Bhavani screams that Virat has no idea what his wife has done. Everyone is waiting for food, Karishma says, but Sayi doesn’t want to come down. Virat asks the reason why. Ashwini suggests that Sayi is furious at him. He claims he understands why Sayi is furious and brings balloons and candy floss/Budi ke Baal, and he says he’s late because it’s far from the seller of candy floss.

Seeing that, Sayi leaps into happiness. Bhavani asks if he has come out to carry it. Virat says Sayi liked candy flaus a lot and celebrates with it. Pakhi claims that Sayi is not a child. Virat says that you need to celebrate a child-like desire and pleasure in your heart and that age doesn’t matter. He continues his Gyaan, further irking Pakhi.

Precap: Bhavani sees Sayi taking Virat out and asks where he’s going to take his wife. For college admission, Virat says. She says that women in her family don’t go out and study. Pakhi says she also agreed on this rule. Sayi says she’s going to come to the doctor and fulfill her dream with Aaba.