“Judy Justice” Review: Where Judge Judy Sheindlin distributes her signature “tough justice” to streaming viewers

Next to Shendlin in her new series, Judy Justice, is her granddaughter Sarah Rose, who will become Judy’s employee. It’s the first time she’s had a court assistant, and Judy’s court has had a stenographer (Whitney Kumar) read out judges’ testimonies. The new bailiff is Kevin Rasco; Judy Judy’s bailiff, Petrie Hawkins-Bird, has not been asked to participate in this new series.

The first case, however, occurs as a classic episode of Judge Judy;

Plaintiff Christina Parra is suing her ex-boyfriend Lorenzo Jordan for the $10,000 she owes him. What is he paying for? Almost a new mouth for Lorenzo, whom he met while a waiter at the restaurant where he was hosting a micro-wrestling event (yes, that’s something). He sued him for an assault that took place in the summer of 2020, but somehow he still showed stitches and other abrasions while recording what we envisioned for the first half of 2021.

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Sheindlin made the usual warnings to both parties, which are not quite the same in this case – for example, she told Para that she had lost custody of her three children because she was “crazy”. The “lesson” of the case is: Don’t borrow money from your boyfriend with a freelance micro-wrestler to get new gear… guess what?

No matter how much Sheindlin said that Judy Justice was new to her. Her makeover was more cosmetic than anything else. Of course, it was nice to see Judy’s granddaughter helping Judy and having a 30-second discussion with her grandmother. About the case just before the credits rolled. And having a stenographer will likely help the judge. Who is now 78 years old, and while he’s still very sharp, he may not be 100% as sharp as he was a few years ago.

If the first episode is a clue:

The suitcases are still the same crazy Jerry Springer style brand as they used to be. Neither the plaintiffs nor the defendants presented their cases well. As Judy told the two – she said she wasn’t a fan of either. Lorenzo presented the release documents to the judge as evidence. That he had been hospitalized due to Para’s attack. Which the judge deliberately denied due to lack of evidence.

It all boils down to this: People look to Judy. Because they love hearing Sheindlin convey her “steadfast love” to people. Who are constantly testing their patience in their courtrooms? They love hearing it tell people to “shut up” if they get off track or “I don’t care”.

If they provide the information they think is inappropriate. When Para tries to train Sheindlin in an inevitable family lawsuit. Judy nearly breaks a vein and tells the plaintiffs. That she’s been a family judge in New York for a quarter of a century.

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It was these moments that made Shendlin one of the highest-paid stars on television. And nothing suggests that she will be any different now that her court has switched to streaming television.

Look, we never loved Judy Judy, but there have been millions of people over the last 25 years. For them, Judy Justice has to be more than what they love. Even if it doesn’t open new avenues for Sheindlin or the jury show genre.