“Five Juanas” Review: Telenovela Mexico Garbage that can tickle your guilt pleasure zone

Try not to overlook Netflix’s Mexican telenovela concept, The Five Humans: Fate. It took five women named Juana to Cancun simultaneously, where they discovered that they all had the same birthmark on their bottoms. REJECTED. This 18-episode quest for fatherhood — titled La Venganza de las Juanas in Spanish. Which translates as Juanas’ far more vengeful revenge.

It offers more than just the opening episode.

More than its share of silly soapy situations. And, well, “I couldn’t help calling her “naughty” with an apology. Though I stopped saying she was “naughty” because I’d forgotten such rude advice. It was sexy and silly simultaneously, so maybe it was some wine, silly fun.

Simon’s record? It was punctuated by flashes of hyper-style sex scenes bathed in blue light. Then we jump to Cancun, where we introduce Juanas through the following Wunzas. Wunza stripper Juana Manuela (Zuria Vega). An upscale man who doesn’t put on a concert with less than a bunch of C-notes in his hands.

Wunza singer Juanita Matilde (Juanita Arias) no longer returning to Colombia from federal agents. Juana Bautista (Sofia Engberg), Hunza fortune teller, is left with tarot cards at a sinister bachelorette party. Hunza nun Juana Caridad (Oka Giner) is trapped in a dirty apartment. When police officers break into a nearby drug headquarters. And Wunza journalist Juana Valentina (Renata Notney), whom we met to share her mother’s ashes on a beach in Cancun.

The fate that the writers of the gods play on the show is an important figure here. Because they make sure that several things happen, most notably the following. Each introductory sequence creates itself around its own naked/primarily naked ass.

Showed Juanas up close so we could see the birthmark and cheeks well.

All Juan were in the same hotel at the same time. The earthquake caused the entire building to be evacuated, forcing all the humans into the courtyard. Another set of discoveries will allow us to see a series of naked donkeys up close. So the Humans can see that something is happening to the fishing of their life. Not just because the birthmark is shaped like a fish.

Meanwhile, we get footage of a TV news interview with Simon Morocco, an influential politician. It doesn’t take a mathematician to sum up these two and two plots. But who knows, telenovelas will surely love their cute twists and turns.

Well, no one wants us to take this seriously.

Anyone with essential brain function can deduce how the dynamics of nursing would work here. The archetypal moral opposition of Madonna/whore in nuns and strippers, logical journalist, meets psychic, supernatural intuition and singer tries to bring them all together for the same goal. To find her father, who is almost certainly a corrupt cadre and public figure. After one episode, it looks like the main plot will be a 10-piece puzzle for kids. Although there’s a lot more, we should expect the details and complications to offer some twists and turns and surprises.

The Five Huans acquires all manner of techniques for telling a physical telenovela. From vague flashbacks to characters expressing their most profound thoughts aloud. Even though the production value is on par with a decent cable drama budget. So it doesn’t look cheap, at least, although it doesn’t lend itself to awkward exposure to raw beef and cheesecake. The show will still spark lots of laughs – maybe a head shake or two. But I’m drinking coffee again, not something 100 per cent straight out of the bottle.

If such fictitious and mischievous escapes are your brands, then indulge your cravings for guilt and pleasure in some way. Otherwise, your mileage may vary.