‘Chucky’ Review: It’s an angry weird drama with just the right amount of doll kills

For all the franchises that have come and gone. The Game of Children series has been a constant presence in the horror world. Since the first film was released in 1988. Despite one unfortunate iteration. Don Mancini wrote all of Chuckie’s films. Who is constantly refining the mythology of his world. With each new record.

Mancini continues the serial murders on television with Syfys Chucky:

Who vows to reunite many of the stars in Child’s Play history while Chuckie reappears in Hackensack, New Jersey. But the premiere cleverly focuses on the new characters. Allowing Mancini (who also directed this episode) to take some of the classic elements of children’s screenplay for the small screen. As this new feed teaches the hard way what happens if you take your eyes off your head. Of that damn doll.

Chuckie’s (Brad Durif) last “friend to the end” is 14-year-old Jake Wheeler (Zachary Arthur). A withdrawn old soul battling hooligans, his sexuality, and his alcoholic father Luke (Devon Sava) at home. Jake’s sensitive nature and distorted humour make him an easy root hero. Especially considering the sheer bullshit thrown at him in the first lesson. It’s impressive that she’s as cute. As she is because she has a collection of shattered dolls in her room. That would make Toy Story Sid blush. But Mancini always could do weird things like cute and help Arthur sell his meticulous mind. Productivity.

Jake’s strange artistic vision leads him to buy a Chuckie doll in the yard. And the premiere happily reveals the reveal of Charles Lee Ray. A murderer whose soul is bound to Chuckie’s doll. The premiere primarily adhered to the “Children’s Play” first act ethic. To show what Chuckie was doing instead of seeing it. And relate the cases to Jake in a way that didn’t work well. As a child who was already a social outcast. This episode is fearless, but close-ups of Chuck’s dilated pupils or eyes slowly wandering toward a closed-door are suspenseful. Chuckie, of course, wasn’t one of those people who stood still for long and defended Jake with his super creative (and Chuckie’s signature). Acting during the school’s talent show.

The Children’s Play series tells how cute the dolls we want to be;

And the series premiere hasn’t offered a definitive position on the subject. However, Chuckie is just as rude and playful as he used to be, and he lives up to a mix of practical and visual effects. That feel invisible if you don’t do something too complicated. The first episode even shows him heroically. Chuckie’s attack is triggered by the atrocities committed on Jake by someone else.

And a childhood retrospective of the Chuckie/Charles Lee Ray episode promises us. At least we’ll learn more about the killer’s origins. This dive into Ray’s family history is sure to be something. That will draw veterans of the Child’s Play franchise like Alex Vincent, Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Durif into battle. But the premiere is yet to come. Chuckie (for now) manages to draw a fine line between ancient and modern mythology. To make the show accessible to returning fans and new fans alike.

While Jake is a complex and interesting character, most Hackensaki we meet beg for Chuckie’s knife. Aside from grieving Luke and his shattered podcast Devon (Björgwin Arnarson). Narly everyone Jake meets is thin rapists waiting for vengeance. Slasher films can get away with relying on archetypes for their supporting characters. Because why waste time on co-releases spent with machetes?

But as we spent week after week with these characters:

There were only so many grisly popular girl animations I could take from Lexi (Olivia Alin Lind). There’s no tried and true recipe for adapting a TV series — we’re in barely defined waters here. But if Chuckie’s series continues to surprise. He’ll have to rework some of the supporting characters. So they’re a bit off target.

Chuckie succeeded in translating the formula of children’s play to TV. Franchise creator Don Mancini spent the first hour creating a cute new heroine. Jake and left unanswered questions about the killer doll’s return for another day. While you don’t have to worry about sleeping with the lights on. It premieres are a practical and fun next step for the worst “good guys” ever.