“Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer” Review: Where Fox Revived the Long Dead Dead franchise, this time with two bachelors

This is the main idea behind Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer. The franchise’s revival was a smash hit in 2003 and a vast flop the following season. But instead of trying to trick single women into believing. That the bachelors they’re after are rich, the producers of this entire version. Including Sally Ann Salsano of Jersey Shore – wanted to see if love can beat greed.

First, we look at Kurt Sowers;

Charlotte residents have their own contract companies but are by no means wealthy. He told producers that women were disgusted by his blue-collar for some reason. Even though he had long hair and a nice beard.

Stephen McBee is personally worth more than $10 million; he is the CEO of his family’s large farm and ranch company in the small town of Galatin, Missouri. She claims that everyone knows they are rich, so it’s hard to date someone without knowing their true motivations.

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We saw 18 women get out of their limousines, between the ages of 20 and 30.

One was an Olympic medalist in fencing, and another was a lawyer/bottle man. Some say they are motivated by love, and others are honest and believe that financial stability is essential.

Women are surprised to see two bachelor’s to hunt. But have not experienced the actual shock. You’ll meet the guys and be surprised. When Stephen says he recognizes one of the women. He and Caroline fell into the hinges and followed each other on social media. Production stops, and Stephen takes Caroline aside to tell her she can’t stay or will break her cover. He was mad that he had to go home, but that was for the best.

The next day, the bachelors met the women. And then there was a big turning point that changed the women’s minds. Even those who say they broke up can’t help but speculate which bachelors are prosperous and which are not. Kurt is immediately attracted to Carolyn. A previously married mother of a 3-year-old. Who immediately tells the camera that financial security is important to him, and the interest is mutual.

Then there is the group promise:

Stephen and eight randomly selected women to go to a honky tonk bar and have fun. After losing rock-paper-scissors to Stephen, Kurt has to pretend he’s arranging a formal cotillion style ball.

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The nine bachelors who go there are jealous of Kalah, who always feels with Kurt. One woman, Susan, is furious that another, Rachel, is wearing the same dress. Let’s say the night doesn’t end with a pool party as Stephen did. The next day, four bachelors were eliminated, and two returned home.

Does this show have actually anything to do with the real Joe Millionaire?

Incorrect. Yes, it’s delusional, but as Martin tells bachelors, the show’s point is to see. If they can purely love someone for who they are, not for the money they have.

Here, one thing to keep in mind: unlike Joe’s original millionaire, Evan Marriott. Who was utterly devastated, Kurt wasn’t rich. He owns a contract company and could probably benefit from it, with growth potential. Stephen’s tools are in the helicopter on his farm. Even though he was a farmer at heart, there was still a way could reveal his wealth. It is also advisable to choose two workers with the same interests; This helps make the guessing game much more confusing for women.

But basically, it’s a pretty standard bachelor show. It was a relatively new format back in 2003 when the first Joe Millionaire drew over 40 million viewers to its finale, but now it’s pretty fun. And your enjoyment of the show will depend mainly on your tolerance of seeing women. Those are thought to be wise as high school students battling the false hope that they can build a real relationship with one of these two men.

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We already know some storylines:

Especially between Carolyn and Kurt, and at some point. We get to see if some of the women who say they’re in love are serious. But none stood out enough to earn genuine interest or oppose it.

Joe Millionaire: For Richer Or Poorer is more or less a standard matchmaking reality series and not very interesting. The turn isn’t as convincing as the producers suggest to viewers, which is its biggest problem.