“Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story” Review: A big Wrangler cat who might be even slimmer than Joe Exotic

In this three-part spinoff, several Antal’s assistants, primarily women. They describe s*xual assault cases on their part, both to themselves and others. In what outsiders perceive as a harem rather than something. Something else. These guys were inspired by the appearance of Barbara Fisher, Antal’s longtime assistant, in the original series; She told a story that he asked her to enlarge her breasts to keep it working.

But before we get to this attack;

We go back and see Kevin Antl’s life at Yogaville. An ashram created by Satchidananda Saraswati that many have known since the Woodstock Festival opened. In the early ’80s, Antale was handsome with long hair and a moustache that made him look like Doug Henning. And like Henning, he is a mediator of elemental magic. But he was always charming, always convincing, always in control. He takes his welcome from Saraswati, which Antal takes under his wing in many ways.

The directors also spoke with Antal’s first wife, Betsy Rodgers, who became Brahmi when Kevin became Bhagawan, who Saraswati influenced. He wanted an open relationship, but Brahmi was not involved. And their separation marked the beginning of the decline in their lives.

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When we looked at the original Tiger King in 2020. We find that Doc Antal was the most dangerous person in the entire series. Less alive than Joe Exotic, he abuses animals in his zoo. As he would Exotic on his own and can convince people to obey his cult organization. He has also been accused of s*xual assault made it all the more dangerous.

The prospect of a spinoff series around Antle is both exciting and repulsive. The intrigue disappeared after watching the first episode, and the nauseous feeling remained. While Chaiklin and Good have positioned this spinoff as something that highlights the activity that kept Antal underground for decades. It still doesn’t make us feel good to see it.

During the original series and its penultimate season:

You have to understand the unfamiliar aspects of the story of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. There is nothing strange or funny about The Tiger King: The Doc Antale Story. We’re not going to see Antle making music videos or saying things like, “Hey, cool cats and kittens”. This spinoff is a true-to-life crime doc that dives right into its object’s pathetic existence. His only relationship with Tiger King is that Antle and Exotic were once friends.

Rather than being a sequel to Tiger King, The Doc Antle Story really should be seen as your own. And while some of the stories from people who know Antal and accuse her of abuse can sometimes be convincing. The bigger picture is about a man living an extraordinary, unexplored life that has left many victims.

We meet Antl’s second wife, Rada Hirsch, who started a relationship with Antl at 14 (and she’s 25…Ewww). He explains how he persuaded her to drop out of school and her family and run away with him, and he even threw his backpack full of textbooks in the trash.

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We want to know more about Brahmi Betsy’s rejection after leaving Doc Antle.

Their interview is the most interesting because she only knew him before they entered the ashram. And the start of their relationship should be a warning sign of the future. How no one mentioned how much Antl looked like Doug Henning when he was younger, we’ll never know. Even the men who work with her in her magical act admit that Antal’s magical abilities are terrible.

Anyone expecting another unusual chapter from Tiger King will be disappointed with The Doc Antle Story. In fact, the more we looked at each other. The more we wanted to shower for half an hour just because we turned it on.