“Hype House” Review: A reality series about a group of influential people who are popular on TikTok

The Hype House is a team of social media stars who have gained millions of followers on TikTok. It’s both an incubator and a place where team members can connect and contribute to the content to Hype House’s social media accounts and their own.

It has helped grow a following of three of TikTok’s biggest stars – Charlie D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, and Addison Ray – and they have gone through several memberships over the past few years. A new reality series on Netflix claims to be behind the scenes on TikTok’s most popular influencer band.

The Hype House, in a mansion at Moonpark, California.

Co-founder Thomas Petrou said the reason the band started was. “Why can’t people who meet millions of people be as famous as top celebrities?”

In addition to Petru, the house members who filmed for this reality show. Which include Cooper Annan, Nikita Dragun, Sienna May Gomez, Chase Hudson, Larry Merritt, Alex Warren, and Jack Wright. Even though Chase technically moved out, he’s still part of Hype House. Just because his home, closer to Los Angeles, is really considered an offshoot of the collective.

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While everyone in the house seems to enjoy creating content on home social media. Like challenging one of the members to a sumo wrestling match. Chase is alone, playing pinball, and maybe making music. But Thomas was concerned that Chase had not recently contributed any content to the band’s social media. And felt haunted after the two bonded as brothers at home.

Meanwhile, we heard from Alex Warren and Coover Annan, who have been in a relationship since 2018. And how the two are moving together and apart in the world of content. Nikita Dragun is grateful that Hype House helped her transcend the LGBTQ community and create her skin for trans women.

Even though Hype House looks slick and tries to portray the band members as people who love the camaraderie of the house while taking advantage of each other’s reach on social media, we still couldn’t actually help out but feel bad for most of the cast members. Considering how empty their pursuit of followers and likes is.

The Reality of the total Hype House as well as the Hype House:

Each member of this house survives by analyzing their lives as content. Is there a way to capture and share moments on TikTok, and which account should I get? Most of them seem to think so, and whatever they have to say about friendship around the house, the reason they’re here is to create content.

And while we appreciate Peter’s goal of making these people enjoy the same benefits as A-list celebrities, we all know their fame is fleeting. Unless, like Nikita, they have something else that can or has been a legitimate and enduring business once they stop posting content, fame, cars, and failed parties.

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We saw a bit of this with Chase. She fucks herself cheesecake factory-style at home, and while she says she’s busy, she also seems a little useless. He’s trying to gain power with music – Interscope signed him – but there’s a high chance it won’t work. He felt friendless, and that was clear. Despite the show’s slogan “Friends in front of followers?” we don’t even think this is a question. It’s always the first follower, and it’s unfortunate.

Hype House will not give you an idea of ​​the backgrounds or inner thoughts of the most popular content creators on TikTok and will only depress you to think that they will all have a rough time in their 30s and beyond (except Nikita) if they don’t need to be careful.