‘Idhe Maa Katha’ Review: A biker film that has no adventure or involved

Idhe Maa Katha narrates the story of four motorists who went up to Ladakh. How they overcome obstacles in their journey, forming stories.

When you hear the story called back by bikers or even saw the vlog they are filming.

There is always an adrenaline flow that follows. While Director of Master Pawan built four of his leaders. With solid characterization, execution, lack of speed and emotional connections, ensuring you never felt a hurry.

The Mahendra (Srikanth), Lakshmi (Bhumika Chawla), Ajay (Sumanth Ashwin) and Meghana (Tanya’s hope) is a biker who have their own goals to be fulfilled. Mahendra does wants to go to Ladakh on his favourite bike to fulfil his first love of Tulas, with whom he separated 25 years ago.

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Lakshmi is a middle class woman who tries to juggle her family with a dream. He has a checklist as a young woman and is now aware of the time to follow her heart to fulfil her father’s dreams. Risking his life to lead an adventurous journey and pursue his desire for vlogging was Ajay.

But his father asked him to leave home when he considered him ‘failure’. He left with a stolen bicycle for the race as he reached Ladakh. Approved by a failed love story, Meghana also looked for a bit of comfort on a long and winding road.

Pawan teacher wrote a street trip with a strong Idhir Maa Katha on paper but failed to be executed. This film even gives you hope, as it all starts, introducing each character and their relative storyline.

But when things develop, the process becomes monotonous, and it takes a few moments before the main lead is even met. After that, there are many visuals from the road they need separately from the Dhaba break. The lack of adventure and sensation makes you wonder when things will take steps.

‘Interval Bang’ in a hurry and did not leave the impact despite revealing some interesting facts.

Immediately things become very dull, so you even start paying attention to how the pointed hair miraculously wrapped up after using a helmet. His really hyper character really feels the need to keep talking, and it disturbs you. While the director managed to focus on the obstacles faced by these characters individually. He failed to be involved when he came to the cycling section.

The second half actually focuses on how they become teams and help each other overcome obstacles, regardless of marking together on a beautiful journey.

The logic applies to a throw immediately when the director loses focus on the scenario and introduces new characters to make problems to lead.

The cliche’s love track between Ajay and Meghana is weak. And even though it has four strong characters, it fails to show chemistry right among them all. To increase misery, ‘comedy’ Sapthagiri and Prithvi failed to beg for laughter. Idhir Maa Katha took steps only after reaching Himachal Pradesh by pre-climax, but the end is routine and predictable. Films don’t even offer thrilling bicycle racing scenes. It seems unrealistic.

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Srikanth and Bhumika added heavy films with their extraordinary show while Sumanth and asked innocently okay. Songs add lags in scenarios, and BGM fails to be impressive too. While the climax should occur in Ladakh, it proved that the parts were shot in Hyderabad. The value of production and cinematography is acceptable.

Even though the Director of Pawan took a story that the novel for Telugu cinema, the routine process disappointed him. Jalan Gutsy’s travel film completely turned off-road.