“Hum Do Hamare Do” Movie Review: Family planning goes awry

“Hum do hamare do” usually refers to a couple and their two children who help start a family. In the film Hum Do Hamare Do, however, the protagonist desperately needs his parents. To be happy for the rest of his life. Dhruv (Rajkumar Rao) is an independent person. Entrepreneur, he creates his application and deals with virtual reality technology. During the launch party, he meets blogger Anya Mishra (Kriti Sanon).

The encounter went pretty quickly, but then we found out that Cupid was attacking.

The story of Deepak Venkatesan and director Abhishek Jain, along with the script Prashant Ja. It wastes no time delving into the lives of Dhruv and Anya and showing us how love develops. Instead, the central conflict is pushed forward as quickly as possible. Anya wants a boy with a cute family and a cute dog. And our son has nothing to show for it here.

So what’s the real problem? This is a successful young man who falls in love with a girl and wants to marry her. Why didn’t he say he didn’t have a family? But no one thought about it because there wouldn’t be a movie to talk about.

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It is the need to raise a family. That will become the livelihood of everyone involved. And we have no choice but to move forward.

For a film that can’t get a man to do the obvious and speak. The makers managed to bring back all the other tropes to continue the story. Dhruv may not have a backbone and lie about such things. But he is a good person, as he appears under the tree to teach children on the street. Therefore it is proven!

We also need someone to keep the humorous relationship alive:

And who better than friend Sardar, played by bubbly Aparshakti Hurana? Saanand Verma went to war and, in his distinctive way, made some people laugh. Then there’s the usual round trip to hire the perfect mummy and papaji-to-be. When Paresh Rawal and Ratna Patak Shah are locked in. Their solid presence keeps us on the story while we can see a mile late.

There was nothing at Hum Do Hamare Do that we didn’t see or expect. Even actors have played similar roles in the past. No wonder Rajkumar sleeps throughout the film. Not a single moment surprised him. But Ratna Patak Shah and Paresh Rawal bring so much believable power to their roles. That you can’t help but invest, even though they have little to do.

Kriti Sanon makes it hard for us to take our eyes off him, and frankly, his presence on screen. That makes for a rare sketch of his character. Manu Rishi Chada, Prachi Shah Pandya and Aparshakti tried their best, but Hum Do Hamare Do was still impressive.

Why do we have to drown everything to be able to write love and family stories?

Here are several actors who, with the right ingredients, could easily make something out of this. But it requires good writing, which is not proven in this film. As an independent entrepreneur, Dhruv wants to do exciting things with virtual reality.

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What he gets is canned goods: Manu Rishi as the father of the bride. Who dreams and dreams of the “izzat” family, Aparshakti Hurana as the hero’s BFF. Whose only job is to support her, the hero. Even his lover Anya, today’s girl, looks like yesterday and is unemployed.

Or maybe the film is about him. The only ones who occasionally make a feeble attempt to get out of this mess. Ratna Pathak Shah and Paresh Rawal, have more work to do. But never explored the spark between them for any purpose.