“Aafat-E-Ishq” Review: This Neha Sharma star is a victim of lame execution

Aafat-e-Ishq did not live up to expectations as a remake of the original Hungarian film, which has won the numerous awards at the various film festivals.

Lalo (Neha Sharma) is a 30-year-old loner who works as an insect keeper for BahuGi (Ila Arun).

After his accidental death, he inherits Bahuji’s house and begins to search for the love he longs for. However, when everyone he likes begins to die under mysterious circumstances. He begins to believe that the legendary Laal Pari was cursed to see his lover die shortly after meeting him.

Aafat-e-Ishq is the Indian core version of the Hungarian film Liza – The Fox Fairy (2015). It starts with an exciting note where Lalo is questioned by Inspector Ramdayal (Darshan Jarivala) about the mysterious deaths of those around him. And he replies by saying that he is the cursed Laal Pari and whoever comes near him will end soon.

When the horror-comedy genre needs to be rediscovered, it’s a compelling premise, even if it’s a foreign film remake. However, the script (Indrajit Nattoji and Neha Bahuguna) is repetitive and doesn’t interest you. If you wait for something to happen when it does, it doesn’t surprise you at all. Yes, the film has an interesting twist at the end, but the road to getting there seems long and arduous.

Neha Sharma plays her role well, bringing out the various nuances of her character;

From a reluctant girl to someone who seduces and wins over Mr Hak to “Laal Pari”. Which is said to cause the death of anyone who comes near her. Deepak Dobrial gave his investigating police officer a strange message, Vikram Kamal. Ila Arun ends his short role with some witty remarks. Amit Shial and Darshan Jarivala are good, but they can do a lot in their roles. Only Namit Das seems to take advantage of his role as the benevolent Atmaram.

Shreya Gupta’s cinematography enhances the mood and mood of the plot. Gaurav Chatterji’s music is pleasing to the ear, especially the refilled Love Ka Bhoot.

The premise of this film relates to the character Lalo, played by Neha. He is a loner in life and looking for a partner through a dating app. But anyone who approaches him is the target of a mysterious death. What is the cause of all these deaths? And how does Lalo relate to them through the story’s heart? The script of the film is average, and Indraj Natoji’s direction is decent.

Talking about the show, Neha Sharma is undoubtedly fun to watch.

The actress looks beautiful and also brings something else to this film. The most important thing is how he captures emotions through his eyes and actions. On the other hand, Namit Das, who has no dialogue in the film, impressed us with his gestures and facial expressions. Deepak Dobrial and Amit Shit are decent. Vikram Kochhar and Ila Arun have less to offer, but they fit into their roles.

The positive side of this film is a unique concept, which is a horror story with a mixture of humour and fairy tale elements. Neha needs attention when present on the screen. The background music and songs will enhance your viewing experience.

The downside is performance and scripts. This is a great idea, but with abysmal performance. The scenarios seem to be scattered, and in some places, your interest may wane. Unfortunately, Deepak Dobrial had very little dialogue in the film, and it was a colossal flop. There are many scenes in the film that are less persuasive.

In the end, Aafat-e-Ishq did not live up to expectations as a remake of the original Hungarian film, which won several awards at various film festivals.