“Aaradugula Bullet” Review: An outdated plot and story struggling to match the current trends

Shiva (Gopichand) is the son of the revered Murti (Prakash Raj). However, Shiva got into a fight. Much to his dismay, and it didn’t work out. Kashi (Abhimanyu Singh) is a con man who terrorizes the inhabitants of Vijayawada. When he saw something, he had to accept it. One day, Kashi looks at Murty’s house. How does this affect the father-daughter relationship? What resolves Kashi’s threat is the plot of the film.

Gopichand plays in the gallery as an angry young man.

She does everything with ease and confidence with her inimitable style. It also includes a path through the best action scenes and intense dialogue. In short, it works for the actor as usual without changing his behaviour significantly.

Aaradugula Bullet staged b Gopal. This is a long term film that finally came out years later. History and creation reflect procrastination. It has an outdated quality from the start. Cascades, cables, and everything else that gets old. Vaccantam Vamsi is ascribed to history. Given the remarkable resemblance to Ashok’s earlier work, this is not surprising. From the protagonist to his family, the selfish villain, the whole frame is borrowed from the Jr NTR star. Still, it took the Aaradugula Bullet years to solve this problem.

The story starts in just over an hour. What we have between them is a complete comedy, romance, and a bit of family drama. Sometimes can also include outdated stories. In the handling is in line with current trends. Aaradugula Bullet is a triple effect. Aside from the story, we have a director working on it, which is far from being the pinnacle. The final nail in the coffin is procrastination. Not a single scene looks new. The whole story is full of déjà vu moments. The promising central family drama has stalled as things turn into a routine in some scenes.

After a predictable break, the second half followed the expected route again.

We come to the main story before the climax. The story after the break turned into a comedy. Brahmanandam is used as bait for chuckles. It’s a formula that goes its way. However, I can’t help procrastination here. After a long time, the story returns to the central conflict in the last half hour. We return to Ashok’s territory with some scenes that meet in this way.

Everything is wrapped with long struggles and sermons from the hero. This seems like a huge relief, unlike the satisfaction of watching mass artists. In general, Aaradugula Bullet is an outdated mass film. Unfortunately, his fate will not change, even if it comes in time due to his disturbing history. Even if you are a fan of mass films. It is better to forget about the existence of the Aaradugula ball.

Nayantara, who plays the heroine, has a unique role. It’s more about having fun than taking the story seriously. Prakash Raj is reliable as always. He always gets a good record and transfers all emotions clinically. Abhimanyu Singh, who plays the villain, is strong and superior. He followed the summary and delivered. Brahmanandam strengthens old feelings. The late MS Narayana and Jayaprakash Reddy can be seen in supporting roles. Old actress Manorama is fine. Madhu Nandan is wasted.

Mani Sharma’s music conveys a thick atmosphere. No songs click—the result of a strong background. The cinematography is weak, but that’s to be expected. The processing is also wrong. The less that is said about writing, the better.