‘Her Pen Pal’ Review: Hallmark romance is a predictable but delightful watch

The main character of Her Pen Pal shared several photos with his co-stars on his official Instagram account behind the scenes on location.

Hallmark’s most substantial network is emerging with its new film “Her Pen Pal“, which will have Joshua Sasse fans in high spirits. Although curious to know more about the upcoming film. Sch as director, producer, cast, release date, etc.

The star cast of the movie:-

Mallory Jansen and Joshua Sasse will be the leading presenters in the film. Mallory played Victoria while Joshua played Jacques in Her Pen Pal. Lachlan Nieboer will play Cameron Reish.

Jane Weisner will appear as Tracy Cook. If we talk about Mike’s character, he is played by Gregory Haney. John, Amanda Blake, Janice Ahern and Benoit Marshall are also on the casting list.

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It’s hard to stop smiling at the sight of his her pen pal.

Hallmark’s newest romantic getaway is a combination of cheese, fun, and charm. All rolled into one and decorated with one ingredient – love. Mallory Hansen’s love story from Victoria is the central theme of this love story.

The 90-minute play, while predictable, is a related issue. Victoria is an elite wedding planner and desperately wants to be a bridesmaid. At her best friend Tracy (Jane Weisner) ‘s wedding in Paris.

His luck is ruined when he realizes that Cameron’s ex (Lachlan Nieboer) attended the wedding as the best man and brought his date with him. “Worker’s Wife” as his new love only makes Victoria angry and upset.

Somewhere good news comes in Jacques (Joshua Sasse), Victoria’s old friend, whom she ends up leaving. This might give him a new plus for the wedding, but it seems Cupid’s work and famous chemistry brought it together.

The first 30 minutes form the context for Victoria’s life. What makes the ‘Her Pen Pal’ watch valuable is the full connectivity of it all. How often do people get second chances when it comes to love?

Again, this may be a lot of cheese, but that’s what the Summer Night Series has on its list, and the Her Pen Pal is a fresh and light watch.

Victoria Hansen does a great job as a live presenter, but she can’t hide, while Jacques is flirtatious, charming and intense at the same time. The supporting cast did their best and often jumped in and out of the frame but never stole the spotlight from Hansen and Sasse.

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The setting in Paris only adds depth to the film.

A restored love story from one of the most romantic places globally is another reason to watch this film. Back to the story. Tracy’s indecisiveness emerged when news of her seat wasn’t available, making her wonder if she would be better off without one. This film complements the supporting cast and gives them enough to ensure that they are more than just staging.

The film quickly moves into love triangle territory when Cameron realizes he still has feelings for Victoria. Surprising! Jan confesses his tested love clearly and sincerely agrees with Victoria that they will remain friends despite everything.

Her Pen Pal” only slipped once from fun to complicated, and it served as a lump in the throat. And until the last 10 minutes, the plot gives an idea of ​​whether Victoria will choose Cameron or Jacques.

The film will be published in English on the HallMark streaming video app. The filter operating time is 1 hour 24 minutes. Jeffrey Beach is the producer of the romantic drama. Its executive producer is Nancy Bennett. The cameraman in the film is Christopher Carrillo.

The costume kdessinger for this film is Irina Kocheva, and the production is by Alexei Karagyaur. Nikolay Atanasov has a special securities loan. Editorial credits are Katie Abel, Ryan Gay and Greg Stanley. Maria Jidriva directed the script for the film.

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After all, it’s a love story that always has to do what’s best for Victoria. The premiere of “Her Pen Pal” was held on Saturday 19 June at Hallmark at 9/8c.