Blue Miracle Movie Review: There is a lot of talk about goodness on the planet

Imagine a brightly colored seaside town, blue surfboards, yellow lobsters, and people wearing bright sunglasses everywhere. The annual competition. In the dozens of Hollywood works. In the late 1990s and early 2000s.

These films will not necessarily become the so-called “high art”:

Most of the actors in them do not necessarily have this kind of art. “This is because most of these films are derived from spreadsheets. Through depending on the” incumbent. “

And most of them are direct live TV. If you can wander around on a Sunday afternoon. And watch TV without thinking about it. You can even sit down and watch the whole thing.

We are happy about this, but this discussion will take place on another day.

These are stupid, predictable stories in which people. With perfect abs mistakenly believe that “conflict” brings inconvenience (obviously not, I know it from the first five minutes). The blue miracle of Julio Quintana is lifeless in this terrible place.

But the best types of movies are harmless. Omar (Jimmy Gonzalez) grew up on the streets of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He slowly led his life, enabling him and his partner Beka (Fernanda Urrejola). To run an orphanage called Casa Hogar, which accommodates children from the streets.

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Casa Hogar mainly donates private donations and cooperates with local banks.

Like most orphanages in the movie. The instructor talks to these children and teaches them to do the “right thing”. But they are also plagued by childhood trauma. He woke up in a nightmare repeated in the middle of the night. Later we learned that he was younger than the child.

That’s raised in Casa Hogar and lost his father in a disaster. There is also evidence of how he worked as a drug abuser. Which is the life he finally gave up. Omar needs $117,000 to save Casa Hogar.

In Captain Wade Malloy, played by Dennis Quaid, a lazy sailor. His hoarse voice implies alcohol addiction and marriage failure, both of which prove to be true.

Captain Wade is from San Diego, has lived in San Luca Cabo for 25 years. And is proud to be the two-time champion of the Bisbee Black and Blue Championship. Which consists of fishing boats going to sea. Catch heavier fish (mainly marlins) for three consecutive days.

Captain Wade used gadgets that only Hollywood screenwriters. Could do and worked with Omar and his children to win a $250,000 cash prize. Who can help Omar save the world?

When the children and Omar went to sea with Captain Wade for the first time. He turned out to be a bad guy who always took care of little things and always cared for children.

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The cornerstone of traditional storytelling.

Good Disney stories. We all know you will like them. Blue Miracle does its best to convince us. That they are made of different materials. Which will create new results.

However, if you watch the many creative possibilities that a movie can offer in the first hour, you will know that it will follow a precise path. Director Quintana wants us to believe that he made a “real” movie.

In an area where gun violence is as common as power outages. Moreover, Blue Wonder is not like the trendy AXN live movie. It is shown in Florida or California. But it seems to attract the same audience.

The cast of Mexican kids is too American. They all speak in English (next door) with a Spanish word in the middle, such as millet, calm, and usually end most of the conversation with güey.

The music used is mainly American hip-hop music, with transitional works, to make the “beauty” of San Lucas Cabo full of exoticism. Moreover, despite his best efforts, the role of Captain Wade has never surpassed the “white savior” of these lively and cheerful boys on the streets of Mexico.

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There is a chance to subvert the image of the savior subtly, but this is not such a movie. It focuses on themes such as hope, courage, redemption.