‘Master’ movie review: History tells us that when a superstar climbs the ladder down to work

At one point in the teacher, the protagonist enters the arena. For the contest at the house of observation for boys, where the only rule is; There are no rules. The limits are taken, and the audience is abundant. Let’s call the contest battle club after some enthusiastic fans who draw (seriously?) Parallel with the work of David Fincher when the master teaser comes out. This is a delicious setting for the “mass” moment that welcomes the arrival of the “mass” hero. But how Lokesh Kanagaraj did this, or more precisely. What he did with the scene, made you think of the possibility of why he was an exciting filmmaker.

The boys invited our protagonist JD (Vijay) for the Kabaddi game:

The scene is paying a noble tribute to Ghilli, a healthy Vijay films and a fun Masala film. Why Lokesh is an exciting filmmaker who works within the boundaries of mainstream cinema. Because of a bit of discovery, he does with the format that produces the desired and shocking effect. Like the ‘Kabaddi’ track from Ghilli, which he carefully weaves at the right time. The “mass” scene written for heroes finally satisfies the star cohort and a simple flag carrier from Masala Cinema.

It’s not the only Ghilli moment. The better comes when JD walks into the villain area, arms him (without knowing who he is. Anyone here misses Prakash Raj?) To convey a message to his Bhavani’s boss (Vijay Setupathi, good, in the performance of Setupathi Vijay). Of these two individual scenes, it’s fair to conclusions, for the type of Vijay Lokesh movie that tries to make. Whether it works for better or not a different problem. But a more significant point to note from the teacher is that. Lokesh has solved the Vijay formula, and stars have been possible, for once.

But what is the Vijay formula and how different from other “mass”, you ask:

For one, Vijay always maintains a clean image on the Thuppakki phase post screen. He never let his guard down, or instead, don’t let his personality idea. Outside the screen down – almost bring it like luggage. In the teacher, Vijay seems to finally go and get out of his cocoon to play the character. Which, with the tradition of star worship films, lacks and, more critical, alcoholics – unlike the Vijay hero will advocate.

In the Masala entertainer convention, other damaged Vijay formulas. They are the way the “mass” scene is written and integrated. Into the film for heroes, but without intentional participation. There are two excellent scenes. In the colleges, when the winner’s candidate, Savitha (Gowri Kiswar). From the election of students, said he wanted to share a position with a losing candidate, Bhargav (Shanthanu Bhagyaraj). He told Professor JD that he was afraid of him. And what did he do next? He borrowed JD Kada – which is usually associated with men and masculinity. Thanks to Kamal Haasan for Sathya – to increase his belief. He felt safe seemed to be the point.

There is an intense mass scene where the hero must save a woman’s hero. Because he is expected to be in a star vehicle. The hero is Chaaru (Malavika Mohanan), and he was saved, but not by Vijay. But by others in the most unexpected way. The last time this trop was damaged in the Vijay film in Bigil. When the star took the back seat of the Savior’s template and let the women speak for themselves.

Even ‘Kutti’ story is celebrated integrated into the film.

Does Vijay re-create its formula? Or do we watch Vijay 2.0? Maybe it’s too early to comment. But you can feel Vijay told Lokesh: “Listen, I’ve been there, do that. Let’s see what you can do.” This is why we made them imaginatively collect scenes with JD. Where he cooks the story of a love failure from Mountain, 7G Rainbow Colony, Punnagai Mannan, and Kadhal Mannan. The more tempting was watching Vijay more associating himself. By “waking up” the films that he had become part of for some time. He is leading here. I want to see it in the fan zone.