Love and Affairs Review: An Outdated Kitsch With Neat Acting By The Lead

What happens when marriage becomes a battlefield of love and betrayal? Or just suspicion? Maybe that’s the question the director wants to ask audiences with this series.

We see Abhijit (Indraneil Sengupta) and Roshni (Barkha Bisht Sengupta) as a fantastic couple who have been married for around five years. While Abhi is an actor, his wife is a health practitioner. By the way, Abhi is unemployed and therefore wants to restrain himself. And save some money to repay his house loan.

Indraneil Sengupta and Barkha Bisht Sengupta play two characters:

What is the whole series about? You play a man and a woman who is going through a turbulent time in their marriage. Indrani and Barha play the role of a couple who are having a good fight.

They put on a beautiful complex show in no time. They show different emotions like happiness, sadness, disappointment and many more. Very easily. Actions are immediately connected and never turn into a charitable tone.

Thanks to his candid presentation, we feel the intensity and severity of the current situation. The confrontation scenes and the final drama look fine despite the problems.

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But Roshni disapproved of the idea. On Abhi Roshni’s birthday, he hands over an expensive watch, which causes a heated argument between them. That night, Roshni finds that Abhi sneaked out of the room to talk to someone on the phone.

You will soon realize that not everything is as funny as it seems. There is one fundamental delusion that you can smell in their married life. Would you be happy to put them back together or separate them forever so you can understand?

Love & Affairs stars two beautiful and talented people, and this is probably the only USP in the series. The director couldn’t have given the audience a better feed for watching the show.

Apart from looking great on screen, this couple sincerely plays their part. We briefly looked at some marginal characters, but they didn’t add anything special to their fame.

The dialogue is quite simple and sometimes cliché.

It seems the director, who was utterly dependent on the main cast. Mixed the broth and made the mistake of not doing enough on the script or the music.

The camera is almost average, and we see no intention of experimenting. However, the series is a tight cut. And the episodes aren’t very many.

Or the connection to keep audiences on their toes. The first three episodes are just a back and forth of events, trying too hard to explain the “why” in the story. The insecurities built up in the first episode dissipated in subsequent episodes with an uncomfortable marital fight over another woman.

We’ve seen enough of that, haven’t we? The show works almost on a linear model, without many ups and downs. The so-called plot twist is coming to an end. The climax is perhaps one of the most touching scenes of the first season. Both filmed and executed with the same passion.

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Love and infidelity are primarily based on ancient stories and presentations.

While everything is going well, the main content is decades old. We have seen similar fights between men and women from Monument Time for the same reasons and considerations. Most of them feel almost like recycled stuff.

The distinctive “element” associated with the network. It embeds in the story. As said, it creates tension. Only to dissipate due to its total predictability eventually.

The better aspects of the series come at the end when a twist is revealed. More than “the opposite”, the subject it covers (in terms of mental health) is probably the only new aspect of it all. The real thing that is presented is old again.

The curiosities of the story – the message at the end, the current track that looks very old fashioned, and the retrospective that creates a modern vibe – are also issues with this series.

In general, love and infidelity offer nothing new – absolutely nothing. The main couple tried their best, but the content failed to make them stand out.