Gum Hai Kisi ke Pyar Mein 31 December 2020 Written Update: Virat and Sayi spend some quality time

Sayi comes closer to Virat and holds his hand in fear of discovering a bike passing closer to them. Virat says that he said to her earlier to hold his hand, and if she had held his hand before, she wouldn’t have been missed. 

Ashwini phones Virat and asks about Sayi’s admission. She says Sayi got enrolled in Nagpur Medical College. Ashwini becomes happy and disconnects the call. Virat says to Sai they will return home and have lunch as she has not eaten anything since morning. 

Sayi demands to eat roadside stall food. Virat says this is not the proper time to eat roadside stall food. She insists, but he moves into the car. She buzzes; nobody listens to her. At home, Ashwini announces to Bhavani that Sayi got admission in medical college. Bhavani asks Omkar to call Nagpur Dhol mandali as they should dance swiveling on the floor and celebrate the moment.

Saloni tells her that she insulted well. Ashwini replies even in insults, Bhavani at least thought of enjoying Sayi’s admission. Bhavani tells Pakhi and Karishma has cooked food and will serve it on time. They both brought food. 

Bhavani says these are real bahus and she does not like Sayi. Ashwini pleads to wait till Virat and Sayi reach. Bhavani says that they will have lunch on time while Ashwini can endure for her bahu.

Sayi recognizes her 4,68,000 rs college fees and thanks Virat. Virat confides even he has to do a course to know Sayi in 30 days as he cannot understand her anger sometimes and appreciation. 

She chuckles and says she will repay his money once she comes to be a doctor. He says he knows she would mean that. She tells him that she will go to visit Gadchiroli with Usha to get Aba’s money. 

He says he cannot allow her to go alone as he doesn’t know what Vithal will do, so he will also join her. She says she can go with Usha. He says she is his commitment, and he cannot take any risk of sending her alone to Gadchiroli. She feels she is only his responsibility and nothing else and tells him he is right. 

He stops the car and orders her to get down. She asks why he stopped the car near the bridge. He tricks them with lengthy dialogue and shows her ice-cream shop. She happily runs towards the stall and orders two different flavors. 

He also comes there, and she insists him to have one. He orders mango flavor and sits beside her. She tells him one should take two ice creams as they can have one if another one melts. He says she is so thoughtful but doesn’t look one. 

She inquires if he thinks so. He explains she finds happiness in everything. She says one should discover happiness in even small things. He thinks she is so lovely and different from him. She notices the pani puri stall and runs towards it with joy, orders one, and insists on having panipuri. 

He stares at her excitement. She feeds him one puri. He says it’s too spicy. She offers him ice cream. He tastes and then drops it by mistake. They both laugh. She chuckles more, mimicking him. He tells her she looks pretty laughing. She feels uncomfortable and says, thank you.

Bhavani becomes angry waiting for Virat and Sayi for lunch at home and tells Pakhi to call Virat and ask where he is and when he will come. 

Pakhi starts calling and says that Virat is not picking her call. Karishma asks he purposefully must not be receiving her call as he is spending quality time with his wife, and Pakhi cannot believe it as her husband is missing. 

Bhavani shouts to mind her tongue and thinks before speaking. Each family member starts with their favorite job of bad-mouthing Sayi, her verdict of college admission, and Virat helping her. Drama continues. 

Shivani confronts Bhavani and supports Sayi as usual. Pakhi tells the family that she wishes to start her job again. Bhavani tells her when they allow Sayi to do whatever she desires, she cannot do injustice to Pakhi by interrupting her to do her job.

Pakhi says she doesn’t know if Samrat will come back or not and cannot be lasting for his opinion. Bhavani soothes her. Ninad explains she should think once again before starting up her job again. Pakhi inquires if Virat will change his wife’s opinion of getting admission to a college. 

On the other side, Virat and Sayi proceed to enjoy their outing. He purchases balloons for her. She steps around happily and falls. He holds her, and they notice each other. The title song plays in the background.

Precap: Virat and Sai both return home. Ninad shouts at him. Sayi raises the question if it is wrong for husband and wife to spend some time with each other. Ninad shouts even at her. 

She angrily explodes all balloons and walks to her room. Pakhi says to Virat that Sayi doesn’t like family’s interruption and may not like to stay with all the family members, so he should buy another house and stay with his wife.